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March 27, 2009

Sharp to Introduce Ten New Outdoor LED Lighting Products, Including Solar-Powered Models

Will Contribute to Protecting the Environment and Community Security by Creating Energy from Solar Cells and Saving Energy Through the Use of LEDs

Press Release

Sharp Corporation has developed a new line-up of ten LED-based outdoor lighting products and will introduce them in succession into the Japanese market over the coming months. In addition to four solar-powered LED lights that combine solar panels with newly developed high-intensity, long-life LEDs to achieve industry-leading brightness*1 (instrument-measured luminous flux = 1,800 lumens), there are two models of LED security (crime deterrence) lights and four LED lighting fixtures.

Solar-powered LED lights provide exterior illumination while emitting no CO2 whatsoever. They work by storing electricity generated from sunlight during the day in storage batteries to provide LED light at night. Since October 2005, Sharp has been working to reduce the negative environmental impact of outdoor lighting by deploying these lights around schools, public parks, and commercial establishments.

The four solar-powered LED lights feature newly developed LEDs with 30% higher luminous efficiency*2 and a newly developed LED lens designed to spread this light over a broad area. As a result, they achieve brightness at one of the industry’s highest levels and can flood a wide space with light. This level of brightness also significantly lengthens the installation interval to 32 m (for model LN-LX1; compared to 12 m for 40-W mercury-vapor lamps) and reduces the number of units that must be installed to meet Class B recommended standards*3 for crime deterrence lighting. The result is reduced CO2 emissions and lower costs.

In addition to the four solar-powered models, the new line-up features two LED security lights that come without poles and four LED lighting fixtures capable of illuminating a wide area from a pole height of 4.5 m.

Sharp will be working proactively toward providing “LED lighting for the whole community” by meeting the various needs of customers for environmentally friendly and economical lighting.

Product name Model name Type Suggested retail price (tax not included) Date of introduction in Japan (made to order) Total annual production
Solar-Powered LED Lights LN-LX1 Solar (DC) 1,000,000 yen May 25, 2009 12,000 units
LN-LXH1 Solar (DC) or utility AC power 1,200,000 yen June 25, 2009
LN-LXS1*4 Solar (DC) 1,250,000 yen
LN-LXHS1*4 Solar (DC) or utility AC power 1,450,000 yen
LED Security Lights DL-E40VA For mounting on existing power poles 75,000 yen April 15, 2009 36,000 units
DL-E20VA For mounting on existing power poles 50,000 yen
LED Lighting Fixtures with Pole DL-E240N 2-lamp fixture 1,050,000 yen April 15, 2009 6,000 units
DL-E24SN*4 2-lamp fixture 1,200,000 yen
DL-E140N 1-lamp fixture 800,000 yen
DL-E14SN*4 1-lamp fixture 950,000 yen

*1 As of March 27, 2009, for solar-powered LED exterior illumination lights with photovoltaic power output of less than 120 W.
*2 Compared to Sharp model LN-LW3A1.
*3 Based on Outdoor Lighting Standards for Public Pedestrian Areas, published by the Japan Security Systems Association. Class B is the level of brightness that will enable an individual to judge the behavior and/or posture of a person from four meters away. Installation interval for lighting fixtures must be such that the average horizontal illuminance is at least 3 lux, and minimum vertical illuminance is at least 0.5 lux.
*4 Salt corrosion resistant. Applicable for use under sea winds as long as the lighting system does not come into direct contact with salt water.


Solar-Powered LED Lights

Model name LN-LX1-S LN-LXH1-S LN-LXS1-S LN-LXHS1-S
Solar power section  Nominal maximum power output 120 W
Illumination section Light source LEDs
Instrument-measured luminous flux Approx. 1,800 lumens
Lamp height*5 Approx. 3.0 meters above ground level
Illumination duration

Sunset to sunrise (all-night light with energy-saving mode)

Note: When the seismic sensor is activated (when it senses a quake equivalent to 5 on the Japanese seismic scale), provides full illumination without entering energy-saving mode from sunset to sunrise on that day through the following day.
Illumination control schedule Full illumination for 5 hours after sunset followed by entering two levels of energy-saving mode until sunrise
Storage batteries Capacity 114 Ah, 12 V (three 38-Ah batteries)
Installation location Inside control box
Main unit Material Aluminum alloy
Surface finish Alumite treatment, clear paint coat
Maximum height*5 Approximately 4.0 m above ground level
Weight Approx. 131 kg Undetermined
Supports utility AC hybrid operation No Yes No Yes
Salt-corrosion resistance No No Yes Yes
Wind velocity resistance (design wind speed)*6 60 m/s 60 m/s 65 m/s 65 m/s
Operating temperature range –15°C to +40°C
Installation method Base-plate system
Class B installation interval 32 m

LED Security Lights

Model name DL-E40VA DL-E20VA
Illumination section Light source LEDs
Instrument-measured luminous flux Approx. 2,400 lumens Approx. 1,200 lumens
Main unit Material Aluminum alloy
Surface finish Fluorine coat
Cover material Acrylic
Dimensions (D x W x H) 424 x 301 x 184 mm (not including angles)
Weight Approx. 3 kg
Power consumption 39 W 17 W
Power source AC 100/200 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature range –15°C to +35°C
Optical sensor Built-in long-life optical sensor
Installation method Secured by bands*7
Class B installation interval 37 m 23 m

LED Lighting Fixtures

Model name DL-E240N-S DL-E24SN-S DL-E140N-S DL-E14SN-S
Illumination section Light source LEDs
Instrument-measured luminous flux Approx. 9,500 lumens Approx. 4,750 lumens
Lamp height Approx. 4.5 m above ground level
Illumination control schedule Full illumination for 5 hours, followed by entering energy-saving mode at 40% of full illumination until lamp is extinguished
Main unit Material Aluminum alloy
Surface finish Alumite treatment, clear paint coat
Maximum height*5 Approx. 4.68 m above ground level
Weight Approx. 58 kg Approx. 50 kg
Power consumption 184 W 92 W
Power source AC 100/200 V, 50/60 Hz
Salt-corrosion resistance No Yes No Yes
Operating temperature range –15°C to +40°C
Wind velocity resistance (design wind velocity)*6 60 m/s
Installation method Base-plate system

*5 When installed.
*6 JIL1003:2002 compliant.
*7 Bands not included.

The above information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subject to change.

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