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June 16, 2009

Sharp Introduces New Plasmacluster Ion* Generating Unit System for Commercial Use That Fits into Air Conditioning Ducts

First Installation Will Be in Imperial Hotel Guest Rooms and Restaurant

Sharp Corporation will introduce a Plasmacluster Ion generating unit system that fits into commercial air conditioning ducts. The system uses the airflow from a building’s heating and air conditioning to release highly concentrated Plasmacluster Ions (7,000 ions/cm3) into a room.

The first installation will be in early July 2009 in the Imperial Hotel (Tokyo): in guest rooms on the 7th floor (currently under renovation; available from November) and in the Imperial Viking Sal restaurant on the 17th floor. In cooperation with the Imperial Hotel, Sharp conducted Plasmacluster Ion concentration measurements in guest rooms and the restaurant in order to come up with a solution that matches the hotel’s specific needs.

Highly concentrated Plasmacluster Ions not only strongly inactivate and eliminate airborne viruses, mold, and allergens (such as mite feces and carcasses), but also cigarette odors on curtains and sofas, and sweaty odors on clothing.

This newly developed Plasmacluster Ion generating unit system for commercial air conditioning ducts can be installed behind the outlet (inside the ducts) of a room’s existing air conditioning system. Because the system sends Plasmacluster Ions into a room using the airflow of a building’s heating and air conditioning, there is no need to install a separate fan. Units can also be combined to meet the capacity of larger rooms.

As a must-have system to maintain air quality in commercial facilities, Sharp will market it to a wide range of large-scale buildings such as hotels and hospitals.

Sharp is incorporating Plasmacluster Ion technology into a total of 10 of its product categories such as air purifiers, ion generating units, air conditioners, and LED lights. The technology is also already being used by 24 companies in industries including railcars, elevators, in-vehicle air conditioners, and toilets. Sharp will continue its efforts to bring Plasmacluster Ions to wherever there is air, whether in the privacy of the home or large public gathering places.

Major Features

1. Highly concentrated Plasmacluster Ions inactivate and eliminate not only airborne mold, viruses, and allergens, but also odors clinging to curtains and sofas.
2. Besides its low energy consumption, the system requires no dedicated fans.
3. Fits into air conditioning ducts to save space, and is easily installed behind the outlet.

* Plasmacluster and Plasmacluster Ion are trademarks of Sharp Corporation.

The above information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subject to change.

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