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August 27, 2009

Sharp to Introduce New Mobile Internet Tool

Next-Generation Mobile Tool Provides Internet Access and Works as an Electronic Dictionary and e-Book*1
Press Release

Sharp Corporation will introduce into the Japanese market the PC-Z1, a new Mobile Internet Tool that is as easy to handle as a mobile phone and that has performance similar to that of a PC. The PC-Z1 will make its debut as a new category of mobile devices designed for the era of cloud computing.

The PC-Z1 features a quick launch function (approx. 3 seconds)*2 similar to mobile phones, enabling users to conveniently check e-mail while on the road. Also, a long battery running time (approx. 10 hours)*3 allows users to fully enjoy net services, such as videos or blogs.*4 The high-resolution, 5-inch touch-screen LCD enables intuitive touch operation while the full keyboard provides for comfortable text input. Additionally, in business settings, users can create documents, spreadsheets, presentation materials, etc., and edit them*5 stress free.

Sharp also plans to provide a variety of content for the PC-Z1, such as language and specialized-field dictionaries, novels, and comics, thus enabling the PC-Z1 to be used as an electronic dictionary and e-book.

Sharp is positioning the PC-Z1 as a third mobile tool following in the footsteps of notebook PCs and mobile phones to create a new market.

Product name Mobile Internet Tool
Model name PC-Z1-W (white) PC-Z1-B (black) PC-Z1-R (red)
Suggested retail price Open
Date of introduction in Japan September 25, 2009 Late October 2009

Major Features

1. Next-generation mobile tool provides Internet access and can be used as an electronic dictionary and e-book.*1
2. Palmtop-size unit can be used immediately, thanks to a quick launch function.
3. 5-inch, Wide-SVGA touch-screen LCD and full keyboard let users enjoy various net services, such as blogs and chats, more comfortably.
4. Business documents can be created and edited.

*1 Details, availablity date, and other information will be posted on the Sharp Corporation website.
*2 Time required to go from suspend (“sleep”) state to being operational.
*3 Measurement based on the JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method for Notebook PCs (ver 1.0) set by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association.
*4 Supports Adobe® Flash® 8. Certain proprietary features of Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, such as Yahoo! Doga streaming video and GyaO net TV, and web pages and services that require JAVA support cannot be used. Other web pages may not be able to be rendered depending on the content.
*5 Supports data generated by Microsoft® Office Word, Microsoft® Office Excel®, and Microsoft® Office PowerPoint®. For detailed compatibility information, please visit the Sharp Corporation website. Depending on the fonts used, data may not appear as in the original document, for example, layouts may be distorted.


Model name PC-Z1-W/-B/-R
Installed OS*6 Linux/Ubuntu*7 9.04 (Smartbook Remix for ARM-based systems, Sharp customized version)
LCD 5-inch, widescreen TFT LCD (Wide-SVGA resolution, LED backlit, touch-screen)
CPU i.MX51 multimedia applications processor manufactured by Freescale Semiconductor
Main memory 512 MB (fixed)
Input devices 68-key keyboard (key pitch: approx. 14 mm*8; key stroke: approx. 0.8 mm),
Quick Launch button
Pointing device Optical pointer (optical pointing device), touch-screen
Storage memory*9 Approx. 4 GB flash memory (user area: approx. 2 GB)
Communications function Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g compatible*10)
Card slot microSD Memory Card/microSDHC Memory Card x 1*11 (16 GB max.)
Interfaces Headphone output (3.5 mm-dia. stereo mini-jack) x 1,
USB (USB 2.0 compatible) x 1,
miniUSB (USB 2.0 compatible; miniAB connector) x 1*12
Battery operating time*13 Approx. 10 hours
Dimensions / Weight Approx. 161.4 (W) x 108.7 (D) x 19.7–24.8 (H) mm (not including protrusions) /
Approx. 409 grams
Main software
Browser: Firefox®
Flash plug-in: Adobe® Flash® LiteTM
Mail: ThunderbirdTM
Integrated software:
Schedule management: Sunbird®
Graphics: 3.0 Drawing
Audio & video: Totem Video Player
Accessory: gedit Text Editor
Other: Document Viewer
Original fonts: LC Font series (LC Gothic, LC Mincho Light, LC Kaisho Light, LC Mincho, LC Kaisho, SH Crystal Touch, SH Slim Touch, SH Kaku Pop)

*6 Only pre-installed OS is supported. Instructions for installing and updates for subsequent versions will be provided on the support website.
*7 Linux-based free OS developed by Ubuntu Community. A customized Sharp version is installed. For basic operation, please contact the customer support center.
*8 Certain sections have shorter key pitches.
*9 Includes data area for file system management. Therefore, the capacity that can actually be verified will vary.
*10 Specifications intended for use within Japan. The built-in wireless LAN module is certified as conforming to technical standards under the Japanese Radio Law.
*11 Copyright protection function not supported.
*12 Only host mode supported. Requires a commercially available USB conversion cable for connecting peripheral devices.
*13 Time measured based on the JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method for Notebook PCs (ver 1.0) set by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association. For details of measurement conditions, please refer to the website: Actual running time will vary according to the customer’s usage environment.

The above information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subject to change.

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