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December 4, 2009

Sharp to Exhibit Leading Environmental Technologies at Eco-Products 2009

Sharp Corporation will be exhibiting its advanced technologies at Eco-Products 2009, Japan’s biggest trade show of environment-related technologies, to be held from December 10 through December 12, 2009 at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center TOKYO BIG SIGHT, Japan. In line with Sharp’s new environmental vision to achieve an “Eco-Positive Company*”, Sharp will display its various environmental efforts that contribute to realizing a greener society.

Exhibit Descriptions

Tokai University’s solar car, equipped with Sharp solar cells, which won the 2009 Global Green Challenge in Australia
Sharp will showcase Tokai University’s solar car, which won the 2009 Global Green Challenge, one of the world’s largest solar car races. The solar car is equipped with Sharp’s high-performance solar cells with high conversion efficiency. On December 10, a special talk show will be held on the stage in Sharp’s booth, featuring Mr. Kenjiro Shinozuka, the driver of the team.

【The Special Talk Show to Celebrate the 2009 Global Green Challenge Victory】
Date: Thursday, December 10, 1st session: 11:00-11:30,  2nd session: 13:30-14:00
Speakers: Mr. Kenjiro Shinozuka and a Sharp engineer involved in developing solar cells
Place: The main stage of the Sharp booth at TOKYO BIG SIGHT, East-3 Hall

Green Front Sakai
Visitors will be able to see environmental measures Sharp is taking at the manufacturing complex to minimize its impact on the environment, especially in the LCD panel plant adopting the world’s first 10th generation glass substrates, which started operation in October 2009, and in the thin-film solar cell plant scheduled to start operation by March 2010.

Main Stage
Sharp will show its unique cutting-edge technologies and activities that contribute to realizing a greener society.

Energy-Saving Products
In addition to Sharp’s latest environmental technologies, visitors will be able to see such Sharp energy-saving products as its LED lighting product line-up with energy-saving and long-life features, Sharp’s LCD TV LED AQUOS line-up, which achieves a top-level industry energy efficiency, as well as refrigerators and air conditioners.

Energy-Creating Products
Sharp will showcase photovoltaic modules including polycrystalline, thin-film, and semi-transparent types. Additionally, products using solar panels, such as mobile phones with built-in solar panels and solar-powered LED lighting products, are being displayed at the booth.

For details:
Sharp Corporation Eco-Products 2009 site (in Japanese):
Eco-Products 2009 (in English):

* “Eco-Positive” does not mean that a company has no negative impact on the environment. Rather, “Eco-Positive Company” is a phrase Sharp uses to indicate the ideal state of a company in terms of environmentalism; it is the state Sharp aims to achieve.

The following information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subjected to change.

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