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August 19, 2010

Sharp to Introduce Industry-First*1 LED Ceiling Lights

Six New Models Mark Sharp’s Full-Fledged Entry into Home Lighting Market

Press Releases

Sharp Corporation is following up its LED lamps with another mainstay of residential lighting by introducing six models of industry-first*1 LED ceiling lights into the Japanese market.

Using Sharp’s proprietary light diffusion technology, these ceiling lights achieve a thin design that is 43 mm at the thickest part and just 8 mm at the thinnest.

Three of the models, the DL-C501V/C301V/C302V, allow the use of a remote controller to change the color of the white light with the Adjustable Color function, and to adjust brightness with the Dimmer function. These functions combine to offer 110 different levels of color and brightness that match the mood or time of day. These lights also have three eco-functions that reduce energy consumption by up to 65%*2. The Eco Light Rhythm function, for example, is a proprietary lighting program that automatically adjusts the color and brightness throughout the day; for instance, it matches the lifestyle rhythms of the user by giving crisp, cool daylight white for a refreshing wake-up in the morning, or a warm white in the evening when a relaxing atmosphere is desired.

By bringing energy savings and greater comfort to the home, Sharp will advance its vision of becoming an Eco-Positive Company*3.

Product name Model name Light color Type Suggested retail price Date of introduction in Japan Monthly production
LED ceiling light DL-C501V Cool white to warm white Adjustable color/dimmer function; for rooms up to approx. 18.4 m2 Open September 17, 2010 Total 5,000 units
DL-C301V Adjustable color/dimmer function; for rooms up to approx. 12.2 m2
DL-C302V Adjustable color/dimmer function; for rooms up to approx. 12.2 m2; Japanese-style design
DL-C501D Cool white Dimmer function; for rooms up to approx. 18.4 m2
DL-C301D Dimmer function; for rooms up to approx. 12.2 m2
DL-C201D Dimmer function; for rooms up to approx. 9.2 m2

Major Features

1. Thin design: 43 mm at the thickest part and just 8 mm at the thinnest.
2.   Adjustable color function and dimmer function (DL-C501V/C301V/C302V) combine for a total of 110 different levels of color and brightness.
3. Three eco-functions allow energy savings of up to 65% (DL-C501V/C301V/C302V).
(1) The Eco Light Rhythm function automatically adjusts color and brightness (DL-C501V/C301V/C302V).
(2) The Eco Dimmer function (all models) gently reduces brightness so the eyes can easily adjust to the change. (Note: The functions in (1) and (2) were developed in collaboration with the Inoue Laboratory, Department of Residential Environment and Design, Faculty of Human Life and Environment, Nara Women's University.)
(3) The Eco Sensor function (all models) detects natural light and other lighting fixtures and reduces the unnecessary light accordingly.
*1 As of August 19, 2010, for LED ceiling lights with a luminous flux of at least 2,000 lumens, compatible with JIS-standard ceiling rosettes (ceiling wiring devices).
*2 Sharp measurements. When three eco-functions (Eco Light Rhythm, Eco Dimmer, Eco Sensor) are turned on versus turned off.
*3 Sharp’s corporate vision: An Eco-Positive Company works with all stakeholders in creating solutions that have significantly more positive impact on the environment than negative impact caused by company operations. “Eco-Positive” does not mean that a company has no negative impact on the environment. Rather, “Eco-Positive Company” is a phrase Sharp uses to indicate the ideal state of a company in terms of environmentalism; it is the state Sharp aims to achieve.


Model name DL-C501V DL-C301V DL-C302V DL-C501D DL-C301D DL-C201D
Adjustable color function Yes No
Dimmer function Yes Yes
Light color Cool white to warm white Cool white
Luminous flux 5100 lumens 3400 lumens 3400 lumens 5100 lumens 3400 lumens 2350 lumens
Rated voltage 100 V
Power consumption 86 W 59 W 59 W 86 W 59 W 46 W
Weight 3.1 kg 2.9 kg 2.9 kg 3.1 kg 2.9 kg 3.1 kg
External dimensions 600 mm-dia. x 43 mm (at thickest section)
Design life 40,000 hours
Press Releases

The following information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Manufacture, sale, price and specifications of products may be subject to change.

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