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December 22, 2010

Sharp Develops and Will Introduce LED Controller for Indoor Lighting
Enables User to Adjust Brightness and Color of LED Ceiling Lights

Press Releases

Sharp Corporation has developed and will introduce the LR56001 LED controller for LED ceiling lights, allowing users to adjust the brightness and color of three types of LEDs: cool white, warm white, and night light.

The demand of long-life, energy-saving LED lighting is growing and its use is expected to expand for indoor lighting fixtures, such as ceiling lights and light bulbs.

The LR56001 LED controller can independently control up to three types of LED lights. This allows the user to choose among three types of ceiling lights—cool white, warm white and night light—with each at the desired level of brightness. By adjusting the brightness of cool white and warm white lights the user is able to change the color emitted, anywhere from a warm red color to a cool light blue color. Further, the LR56001 has a built-in chopper circuit*1, which prevents power loss even when the forward voltage*2 of the three types of LED differs.

With this entry into the market for LED controllers for indoor lighting, Sharp will bring improved convenience and energy efficiency to LED lighting.

Product name LED controller for indoor lighting
Model name LR56001
Sample price 450 yen
Sample availability date December 22, 2010
Mass production date January 31, 2011
Monthly production 100,000 units

Major Features

1. A three-channel independent control allows brightness and color adjustments to be made for three types of LED ceiling lights (cool white, warm white, and night lights).
2.   Built-in chopper circuit contributes to greater energy efficiency for LED lights.
*1 A control method that arbitrarily creates effective values of current and voltage by repeatedly turning on and off the current and voltage.
*2 The voltage drop that occurs when electricity flows in the forward direction (from the anode to the cathode) of a diode such as in an LED.


Product name LED controller for indoor lighting
Model name LR56001
Output channels 3
Operating voltage Core: 5.0 V ± 0.5
I/O: 3.3 V ± 0.3 / 5.0 V ± 0.5
Consumption current TYP. 12 mA
Operating temperature -40 °C to 85 °C

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