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Press Releases

September 13, 2013

Sharp Provides Monitoring Solutions That Utilize TVs

Sharp Corporation announces that, at the end of September 2013, it will start offering B2B solutions that enable service providers in Japan to operate monitoring services through television sets*1 in the home.

These services allow users to externally monitor the daily television viewing habits of targeted subjects. Since developing the monitoring services in 2012, Sharp has performed practical demonstrations with municipal governments. Having established the feasibility of the services, Sharp will now offer monitoring service solutions to service providers such as private companies and NPOs.

The solutions make use of a cloud server that monitors TV usage patterns and software that indicates the usage status of TVs in the homes of those being monitored. Content for display on televisions can easily be created online, and service providers operating monitoring services can provide viewers with notifications that may, for example, include locally topical information. Furthermore, content can be transmitted in a questionnaire format. For example, an interactive monitoring service for the elderly could have them answer through their TV daily questions concerning their state of health (excellent, fair, or poor).

Overview of Monitoring Services

Name: Television Monitoring Services
Offered to: Service providers such as companies and NPOs that conduct monitoring activities
Start of services: End of September 2013
Major components: • Cloud server that monitors TV usage;
• Software that transmits current TV usage status;
• Tools to create and distribute content such as notifications and questionnaires.
Functions: • Tabulating various TV operation and usage habits (for example, turning TV power on or off) and presenting data in processed form;
• Automatic display of content such as questionnaires and locally topical notifications when TV is turned on;
• Content such as questionnaires and notifications can easily be created and distributed online, and responses can be gathered online.
  • *1 TVs may need to be connected to special equipment. Availability of these services depends on TV specifications.

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