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Press Releases

March 27, 2018

Sharp Develops 6-Inch-Size*1 Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell with World's Highest*2 Full Size Conversion Efficiency of 25.09%

A Fusion of Back-Contact Technology and Thin-Film Technology Innovated by Sharp

6-inch-size mono-crystalline silicon solar cell with the conversion efficiency of 25.09%

6-inch-size mono-crystalline silicon solar cell with the conversion efficiency of 25.09%

Sharp Corporation has achieved the world's highest full size conversion efficiency of 25.09%*2 using a 6-inch-size silicon solar cell.

This achievement of high conversion efficiency for mono-crystalline silicon solar cell was realized with Heterojunction Back Contact structure, a fusion of back contact structure*3, utilized in Sharp's high-efficient solar module BLACKSOLAR and heterojunction structure, forming an amorphous silicon film on the surface of mono-crystalline silicon substrate.

This technology accomplishment is supported by the research and development initiative promoted by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)*4 under the theme of "Development of Cost Reduction Technology of High Performance, High Reliability Solar Power Generation". Measurement of the value of 25.09% was validated by the Japan Electrical safety & Environment Technology laboratories (JET) *5.

Sharp will continue to work to achieve higher conversion efficiency as well as improving power generating costs in order to contribute to the development of renewable energy.

Heterojunction Back Contact Structure

Heterojunction Back Contact Structure

  • *1 Measure based on full area (240.6cm2) of 6-inch-size solar power cell.
  • *2 As of march 27, 2018 based on Sharp's survey.
  • *3 A structure arranging the electrodes on the back side of solar cell to increase the light receiving area and amount of power generation.
  • *4 NEDO is one of Japan's largest public management organizations for promoting research and development as well as for disseminating industrial, energy, and environmental technologies.
  • *5 JET is an organization that officially certifies energy conversion efficiency measurements in solar cells.

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