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December 4, 2020

Sharp Develops 8K Real-time VVC Decoder, a World First*1

Compatible with VVC, Which Compresses 8K Video to Approx. Half Previous Standard*2; Facilitates Video Playback and Operations

History of video coding standards

In a world first, Sharp Corporation has developed an 8K real-time VVC decoder compatible with Versatile Video Coding (VVC) video coding standard.

Video coding standards make it easier to compress, store, and transmit video while minimizing the deterioration in video quality. To keep up with advances in video media, various video coding standards have been developed over the years; for example, MPEG-2 for DVDs and terrestrial digital broadcasts, AVC for Blu-ray, and HEVC for 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and broadcasts. The latest standard, VVC, which includes significant contributions from Sharp, can compress data to approximately half the size of HEVC, thus paving the way for higher quality videos in areas such as data-intensive 8K and 360°applications. Sharp and other companies are developing products that will utilize VVC.

The 8K real-time VVC decoder developed by Sharp is the first software in the world able to decode VVC-encoded 8K video in real time. By combining the VVC decoder with video playback software and analytical devices, users will additionally be able to display or analyze 8K content that has been compressed with VVC*3, even if their equipment does not have existing VVC video decoding capability. Sharp’s proprietary high-speed decoding processes data in real time and realizes smooth playback of video with resolutions up to 8K.

Towards realizing its 8K + 5G Ecosystem, Sharp has been working on various fronts to provide solutions in areas such as equipment for video decoding, codec assessment and analysis, software sales, and joint development with partners for bringing VVC to market.

Main Features

1. Realizes real-time decoding of VVC-encoded 8K videos, a world first.
2. Allows decoding of 8K videos using software only
3. Allows real-time processing of 8K videos with Sharp’s proprietary high-speed processing

*1 For a VVC decoder compatible with real-time processing of 8K videos. (As of December 4, 2020, based on Sharp research.)

*2 Compared to HEVC. Compression rate varies depending on the video

*3 Equipment must have the processing power required for VVC

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