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March 2, 2023

Introduction of the "PV EXPO 2023" Sharp booth

Wide range exhibits including high-efficiency solar cells for automobiles and residential
energy systems connecting with electric vehicles

Booth Image (Exhibition location: Tokyo Big Sight, East Hall 6, 52-4)

Sharp Corporation (Sharp) will exhibit at PV EXPO 2023, an international business meeting for solar power generation systems, to be held at Tokyo Big Sight*1 from March 15 (Wed.) to 17 (Fri.). Exhibits will introduce high-efficiency solar cells aimed at being installed in electric vehicles (EV), solar cell modules suitable for urban areas, V2H system connecting EV and residential solar power generation/storage battery systems, and self-consumption solutions for corporations, etc.

Exhibit Highlights

1. New technologies including world's highest level of high-efficiency solar cells for automobiles

Thin, lightweight and flexible perovskite solar cells, compound solar cells achieving world's highest*2 conversion efficiency aimed for application in space and aviation fields including satellites and mobile bodies such as EV. Also to be introduced is plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) equipped with compound solar cells tested on public roads as an example of Sharp’s advanced capabilities of its solar cell technology.

2. Residential solar cell modules suitable for urban areas and residential solar power generation/storage battery systems that can be connected with EV in the future

Small-sized residential solar cell modules that can be efficiently installed even in houses where roof space is limited seen in urban areas. In addition, an EV converter*3 scheduled for release in spring 2024 will unveil for the first time (reference exhibit) , illustrating an overall image of V2H system where EV connects with residential solar power generation/storage battery systems.

3. Corporate solutions including industrial photovoltaic systems that can be installed with zero initial investment

Business scheme to introduce solar power generation systems for self-consumption to factories and large-scale stores with zero initial investment. Furthermore, a farming-type solar power generation that balances agriculture and solar power generation on farmland, and mega solar power generation diagnosis and repowering*4 etc. will be exhibited.

*1 The exhibition location is the Smart Grid EXPO area to be held at the same time.

*2 As of March 2, 2023, for photovoltaic modules at research level (according to Sharp research).

*3 A device that regulates and controls voltage between an EV and a power conditioner.

*4 Replacing old equipment and facilities that have deteriorated over time or have passed their durability to increase the output of power plants.

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