1996 September

September 30, 1996
Sharp Introduces New 2-MB and 4-MB Flash Memory Miniature Cards.

September 27, 1996
Sharp Develops the World's Largest 40-inch Color TFT LCD.

September 26, 1996
Sharp Develops a New 21.4-inch XGA Large High-Picture Quality Color STN LCD Display.

September 25, 1996
Sharp Releases New VL-DC2 Digital LCD ViewCam.

September 25, 1996
Sharp Releases New Highly-Bright Full-Color Compact Video/Computer Projector.

September 24, 1996
Sharp Develops Animation-Ready High-Contrast, High-Response Color STN LCD Module.

September 19, 1996
Sharp and Sony to Collaborate on Flat Display Panel Development.

September 2, 1996
Sharp Introduces a First Internet-Ready 32-inch Wide-screen TV