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IM-DR420H and IM-DR410H/400E
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For Unlimited Listening Possibilities
These new-generation MD players combine the exceptional sonic clarity of 1-bit with the expanded functionality of Net MD and MDLP.
A Small-Scale Revolution in Sound
1-Bit Technology While personal MD players offer convenience and portability, they typically sacrifice sound quality to do so. Not any more. The IM-DR420H/410H/400E takes portable music to new levels of fidelity, thanks to its cutting-edge SHARP technology. With its 1-bit digital amplifier, full-bridge output, and 4-pole earphone plug, the IM-DR420H/410H/400E is nothing less than a small-scale revolution in sound.
New Net MD Function
Net MD helps you get the most out of those music files stored on your PC. With Net MD, once you've arranged on your PC the tracks you want to copy, you can transfer them effortlessly to MD via a 50x speed USB connection. Making compilations of your favourite tunes has never been easier or faster. Net MD 50x Transfer Speed
MDLP - More Music on One MD
With ATRAC3-encoded MDLP recording, you can record up to 320 minutes* onto a single MD. Say goodbye to that big stack of MDs. All your favourite tracks can be recorded on a single disc. Now music storage can be as compact as the player itself.
*On an 80-minute MD in LP4 mode.
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery [IM-DR420H]
  • 75-Hour Long Playback
  • Long Playback Time (with Rechargeable AA Batteries* and Dry Cell AA Batteries)
  • Sampling Rate Converter (32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz)
  • 160-Second Shock Resistant Memory (LP4 Mode)
  • 3-Mode Digital X-BASS (EXTRA BASS) System
  • Editing Functions (Divide, Combine, Erase, and Move Tracks)
  * IM-DR420H only.
New Technology Brings Clearer-than-Ever Sound
Compact 1-Bit Digital Amplifier
The lifelike fidelity of 1-bit has been taking the audiophile world by storm. And now it's available on a smaller scale, so you can take it with you anywhere. Get ready, then, for a pleasant surprise. The IM-DR420H/410H/400E's compact 1-bit amplifier will bring stunning new levels of realism to your portable music world.
Unique Modulation Circuit Reduces Distortion
SHARP's newly-developed LSI circuit anticipates and compensates for potential signal distortion. It reduces distortion almost as effectively as a full-sized 1-bit amplifier.
The result of all this is sound much cleaner than you would expect on a portable MD player.
Distortion vs Volume Level Distortion vs Frequency
Distortion vs Volume Level Graph Distortion vs Frequency Graph
Full-Bridge Output for a Pristine Signal
Conventional portable MD players employ half-bridge outputs. The
IM-DR420H/410H/400E, however, uses a full-bridge output to more fully separate the + (plus) and – (minus) signals. Signal noise and distortion are cancelled out, yielding an extremely pure signal stream.
Noise Reduction Process image
Noise Reduction Process
4-Pole Earphone Plug
SHARP's engineers thought of everything, even the earphone plug. The IM-DR420H/410H/400E's premium-quality 4-pole plug clearly separates the left and right channels. In tandem with the full-bridge output, the 4-pole plug guarantees exceptionally clear sound.
4-Pole Earphone Plug image 3-Pole Earphone Plug image
3-Pole Earphone Plug 4-Pole Earphone Plug

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