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A Small-Scale Revolution in Sound
1-Bit Technology While personal MD players offer convenience and portability, they typically sacrifice sound quality to do so. Not any more. The MD-DR370H takes portable music to new levels of fidelity, thanks to its cutting-edge SHARP technology. With its 1-bit digital amplifier, full-bridge output and 4-pole earphone plug, the MD-DR370H is nothing less than a small-scale revolution in sound.
Ultra-Long 75-Hour* Continuous Playback
The MD-DR370H has all the music-playing stamina you need. Thanks to the low power consumption of the LSI circuit, you can enjoy up to 75 hours* of continuous playback – 1.5 times as much as on a conventional model. And when it comes to recording, the MD-DR370H keeps going for a tireless 20 hours*. Time to start planning your next MD marathon.
* With dry cell AA batteries in LP4.
MDLP - More Music on One MD
With ATRAC3-encoded MDLP recording, you can record up to 320 minutes* onto a single MD. Say goodbye to that big stack of MDs. All your favourite tracks can be recorded on a single disc. Now music storage can be as compact as the player itself.
*On an 80-minute MD in LP4 mode.
  • High Quality 24-Bit ATRAC/ATRAC3 Encoder
  • Sampling Rate Converter (32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz)
  • 160-Second Shock Resistant Memory (LP4 Mode)
  • 3-Mode Digital X-BASS (EXTRA BASS) System
  • Editing Functions (Divide, Combine, Erase, and Move Tracks)
New Technology Brings Clearer-than-Ever Sound
Compact 1-Bit Digital Amplifier
The lifelike fidelity of 1-bit has been taking the audiophile world by storm. And now it's available on a smaller scale, so you can take it with you anywhere. Get ready, then, for a pleasant surprise. The MD-DR370H's compact 1-bit amplifier will bring stunning new levels of realism to your portable music world.
Unique Modulation Circuit Reduces Distortion
SHARP's newly-developed LSI circuit anticipates and compensates for potential signal distortion. It reduces distortion almost as effectively as a full-sized 1-bit amplifier. The result of all this is sound much cleaner than you would expect on a portable MD player.
Distortion vs Volume Level Distortion vs Frequency
Distortion vs Volume Level Graph Distortion vs Frequency Graph
Full-Bridge Output for a Pristine Signal
Conventional portable MD players employ half-bridge outputs. The MD-DR370, however, uses a full-bridge output to more fully separate the + (plus) and – (minus) signals. Signal noise and distortion are cancelled out, yielding an extremely pure signal stream. Noise Reduction Process image
Noise Reduction Process
4-Pole Earphone Plug
SHARP's engineers thought of everything, even the earphone plug. The MD-DR370H's premium-quality 4-pole plug clearly separates the left and right channels, guaranteeing exceptionally clear sound.
4-Pole Earphone Plug image 3-Pole Earphone Plug image
3-Pole Earphone Plug 4-Pole Earphone Plug

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