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Flat-Panel, Layout-Free Home Theater
The SD-AS10 has been designed to blend seamlessly with today's slim-profile LCD TVs especially SHARP AQUOS LCD TVs. What’s more, its flat-panel player unit operates just as well whether you lay it on its side, stand it vertically, or mount it on the wall*. With its slender profile and small footprint, it gives you flexible set-up options and the freedom to fit it in with your lifestyle. Rounding out the package is the SD-AS10’s set of stylishly matching slimline speakers.
* Optional wall-mounting bracket required for main unit.
High-Resolution 1-Bit Sound
1-Bit Logo The SD-AS10 incorporates a 100 W/ch. 1-bit digital amplifier to generate superb high-fidelity audio playback at a blistering 5.6MHz sampling rate. SHARP's unique 1-bit process involves amplifying a digital, rather than an analogue, signal. This way, the subtle degradations that occur in the traditional analogue amplification process are virtually eliminated.
Unique, Diagonal-Loading 5-Tray Disc Changer
The elegant circular disc-loading mechanism of the SD-AS10's player unit offers more than just eye-catching style. Rotating to match your set-up preference, it also offers easy diagonal disc insertion for up to 5 discs you can even change discs while one continues playing.
Dolby® and DTS® Digital Decoders
Along with standard 5.1-channel Dolby® and DTS® surround sound decoders — and Dolby® Pro Logic® II — the SD-AS10 provides Dolby® Virtual Speaker. This allows you to enjoy a convincing quasi-surround sound experience, even if your speakers are set up in a line next to your TV. So now you can enjoy a fully immersive surround sound experience, in whichever room you choose. Dolby and DTS Logos
True-to-Life 5.1ch Entertainment
5.1ch Image Five highly responsive speakers allow the SD-AS10 to create a spacious, realistic soundstage boosted at the low end by a robust subwoofer. The SD-AS10's 5.1 discrete channels and
1-bit technology make for a unique and thrilling combination — one that blurs the line between reality and imagination.
Universal Remote Control
The last thing you need when you're trying to watch a movie at home is a confusing mountain of remote controls. Fortunately, SHARP has the solution: a single, clever remote which is pre-programmed to operate most major-brand TVs.

Note: There are some A/V products with which the universal remote control is not compatible.
Universal Remote Control Image
  • Multi-Format Playability (Including MP3/WMA/JPEG-Encoded CDs)
  • Progressive Scan Compatibility
  • Rotating Fluorescent Display
  • Optional Wall-Mounting Bracket for Main Unit
  • 2 Band (FM/AM) Synthesizer Tuner with 40-Station Random Preset Memory
  • 6-Speaker System (Including Subwoofer)
  • Magnetically Shielded, Twin-Drive, Bass-Reflex Front, Surround, and Centre Speakers
  • Clock/Timer/Sleep Functions

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