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SD-EX100/H SD-EX101 and SD-EX111
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SD-EX100/H and SD-EX101
The suave, minimalist lines of the SD-EX100/H and SD-EX101 conceal 2.8MHz 1-bit amplifiers that conjure rich, surprisingly detailed sound from your CDs. Enjoy design simplicity and sonic purity — and let nothing come between you and your music.
With its blistering 5.6MHz sampling speed, the SD-EX111 achieves unrivalled sonic fidelity. And, thanks to its screw-type speaker terminals, you can hook up virtually any Hi-Fi speakers. So lean back, relax, and soak up your favourite tunes.
High-Speed Sampling 1-Bit Digital Amplifier
1-Bit Technology (SD-EX100/H, SD-EX101)
The phenomenal 2.8MHz sampling rate achieved by the SD-EX100/H and SD-EX101's 1-bit amplifiers produces astonishing high-fidelity sound with excellent time resolution. And, since 1-bit amplifiers transmit and amplify a digital signal rather than an analogue one, sound deterioration is virtually eliminated.
To raise your home theater to an even higher level, you might like to consider the SD-EX111. Clocking in at 5.6MHz — 128 times the rate of a CD — its 1-bit amplifier sets the standard for all others to follow.
Vertical CD Slot-In Mechanisms
Vertical CD Slot-In Mechanisms If you've ever had trouble finding your ideal audio set-up, take a look at these compact systems. With their space-saving vertical CD slot-in mechanisms, these units can be placed almost anywhere you like. Now it's easier than ever to find your room's "sweet spot".
Vertical CD Slot-In Mechanism
Tasteful and Discreet Design
These systems are a treat for your eyes as well as your ears. With their simple, uncluttered aluminium front panels and large fluorescent displays, they revel in chic, understated style. What better way to complement the clean, pure sound of 1-bit?
Speakers of Your Choice
Screw-Type Speaker Terminal
Screw-Type Speaker Terminals
When it comes to compatibility, the SD-EX111 is sure to impress. Thanks to its screw-type terminals and its ability to connect to any speakers with 4-8 impedance, the SD-EX111 lets you hook up whichever Hi-Fi speakers you like. Welcome to the world of customised 1-bit audio.
  • 20-Track APMS (Automatic Programmable Music Selector) for CD
  • 2-Band (AM/FM) Synthesizer Tuner with 40-Station Random Preset Memory
  • 4-Mode Preprogrammed Equalizer (SD-EX100/H, SD-EX101)
  • X-BASS (EXTRA BASS) System (SD-EX100/H, SD-EX101)
  • Loudness Control (1/2/off) (SD-EX111)
  • 2cm Soft-Dome Tweeter and 11cm Woofer (SD-EX100/H)
  • 2cm Soft-Dome Tweeter and 12cm Woofer (SD-EX101)
Rear Panel
Rear Panel
Rear Panel

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