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SD-EX220/H and SD-EX200/H/W
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With an eye to technophile detail and an ear to audiophile sound, the
SD-EX220/H and SD-EX200/H/W give you the best of both worlds. Sleek, minimalist design and breathtaking 1-bit sonic clarity to grace any room.
High-Speed Sampling 1-Bit Digital Amplifier
The phenomenal 2.8MHz sampling rate achieved by the
SD-EX220/H and SD-EX200/H/W's 1-bit amplifiers produces astonishing high-fidelity sound with excellent time resolution. And, since 1-bit amplifiers transmit and amplify a digital signal rather than an analogue one, sound deterioration is virtually eliminated.
1-Bit Technology
Stunning High Power Output
The SD-EX200/H/W and SD-EX220/H bring more than just superb fidelity to your listening space: they also bring impressively high power outputs. The SD-EX200/H/W's 100 W/Ch and the SD-EX220/H's 80 W/Ch create a rich, resonating sound that belies their compact size. Enjoy a fully immersive musical experience, no matter where you set them up.
Slimline Wall-Mountable System
When you want to bring high-class musicality to confined spaces, look no further than the super-slim SD-EX220/H. Blending seamlessly with any surroundings, this unobtrusive, 120mm-deep system expands your range of set-up possibilities. By mounting it up on the wall and out of the way, you can maximise free space on your table, desk, or shelves.*
* When wall-mounting the SD-EX220/H, please refer to this model's operation manual.
  • Vertical-Loading CD Mechanism
  • Slimline Main Unit (120mm Depth)
  • 20-Track APMS (Automatic Programmable Music Selector) for CD
  • 2cm Soft-Dome Tweeter and 12cm Woofer (SD-EX220/H)
  • 5cm Tweeter and 15cm Woofer (SD-EX200/H/W)
  • 2-Way Speakers
  • Large Fluorescent Display with Blue Edge Light

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