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SM-SX100 (GR)/(BL)/(BL)
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The world's first 1-bit amplifier, SHARP's flagship SM-SX100, has changed forever what audiophiles mean by the term "lifelike". Quick transient response, along with wide frequency and dynamic ranges, allows you to hear sound with unprecedented fidelity to the original.
High-Speed Sampling 1-Bit Digital Amplifier
The phenomenal 2.8MHz sampling rate of the SM-SX100 produces astonishing high-fidelity sound with excellent time resolution. And, since it transmits and amplifies a digital signal rather than an analogue one, it virtually eliminates sound deterioration. 1BIT Technology
The Dynamic Responsiveness of 1-Bit
Instantaneous transient response is an essential dynamic characteristic in musical reproduction — and nothing achieves it better than the SM-SX100. With its ultra-high sampling rate and high-speed synchronised switching, the SM-SX100 achieves superlative time resolution. Whether it's a bursting fortissimo or a fading pianissimo, you'll hear the difference.
1-Bit Direct Coupling Transmission
A pure 1-bit signal is transferred from SHARP's DX-SX1 SACD/CD player to the SM-SX100 via the world's first 1-bit direct coupling. Through a special 13-pin cable, an SACD's 1-bit signal is transmitted with virtually no signal loss or deterioration. Now you can enjoy the precision of the recording studio right in your home.
Exclusive 1-Bit 13-Pin Cable Photo
Exclusive 1-Bit 13-Pin Cable
1-Bit 13-Pin Terminal Photo
1-Bit 13-Pin Terminal
High-Quality, Hand-Picked Parts
High-quality parts — such as amorphous ring-cores and copper-plated housings — minimise unwanted electronic radiation and heat, and virtually eliminate sound deterioration during signal transmission. Every time you turn on the SM-SX100, you'll be reminded of our obsessive attention to the crucial details of high fidelity.
All the Connectivity You Need
A full array of terminals enables high-quality signal transmission between the SM-SX100 and other top-end audio components.
SACD Exclusive 1-Bit Signal Input:
Direct 1-bit signal input from the SACD/CD Player DX-SX1 is possible.
Digital Inputs (ST-Link Optical, TOS-Link Optical and BNC Coaxial):
Hook up to high-end CD players and D/A converters.
Safety RCA Inputs:
No noise when connecting to a terminal even if the unit is on.
Insulated Double-Pole Speaker Terminals:
Bi-wiring connection is possible.
  • 100W + 100W Power Output
  • Frequency Range: 5Hz–100kHz (+1dB/-3dB)
  • Dynamic Range: 105dB (5Hz–20kHz)
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Innovative and Thin Design
Rear Panel

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