How to Open the [Printer properties] (Windows)  (Tips No.01211)

In Windows10/8.1

1. Open Control Panel.

◆for Windows10

Click the [Start] button, and then click [Control Panel] of [Windows System].

◆for Windows8.1

Press the [X] key, holding down the [Windows] key, or right-click the [Start] button and click Control Panel in the menu.

If you can't find the start button

  • Press the [X] key, holding down the [Windows] key.

2. Open Devices and Printers in Control Panel.

Switch your Control Panel display to Category View then click [view devices and printers].

3. Display Printer Properties.

Right-click a printer icon and click [Printer properties] on the menu.

4. Printer Properties is Displayed.

The screen layout for the Printer Properties varies depending on the products and drivers.