What is Universal Print from Microsoft?

Universal Print is a modern print solution that organizations can use to manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft.
The following Sharp MFPs natively support Universal Print. In addition, Universal Print can be deployed with existing Sharp MFPs by using the Universal Print connector software from Microsoft.

For detailed license conditions of Universal Print Service, refer to: https://aka.ms/UP_TryNow

There are two ways of printing through Universal Print:

  • 1) Using Universal Print Compatible MFP
  • 2) Via Universal Print connector

Universal Print Compatible MFP

Make sure your MFP uses the latest firmware.


  • 1. Open "Universal Print Settings" in System Settings.
  • 2. Check the printer name and execute "Register with Universal Print".
  • 3. Click on the URL for code registration.
  • 4. Enter the registration code.
  • 5. View the Azure Active Directory Universal Print management screen in a web browser.
  • 6. Select the registered printer and click [Share Printer].
  • 7. Click [Members], and then click [Add].
  • 8. Select a member or group from the list to use the machine.

Supported Models

Category Supported Models
A3 Color BP-90C70, BP-90C80,
BP-70C31, BP-70C36, BP-70C45, BP-70C55, BP-70C65,
BP-60C31, BP-60C36, BP-60C45,
BP-55C26*, BP-50C26*, BP-50C31*, BP-50C36*, BP-50C45*, BP-50C55*, BP-50C65*,
MX-3061, MX-3061S, MX-3071, MX-3071S, MX-3561, MX-3561S, MX-3571, MX-3571S, MX-4061, MX-4061S, MX-4071, MX-4071S, MX-5071, MX-5071S, MX-6071, MX-6071S,
MX-2651*, MX-3051*, MX-3551*, MX-4051*, MX-5051*, MX-6051*
A3 Monochrome BP-70M31, BP-70M36, BP-70M45, BP-70M55, BP-70M65,
BP-70M75, BP-70M90,
BP-50M26*, BP-50M31*, BP-50M36*, BP-50M45*, BP-50M55*, BP-50M65*
MX-M3071, MX-M3071S, MX-M3571, MX-M3571S, MX-M4071, MX-M4071S, MX-M4051, MX-M5071, MX-M5071S, MX-M6071, MX-M6071S,
MX-M2651*, MX-M3051*, MX-M3551*, MX-M4051*, MX-M5051*, MX-M6051*
A4 Color BP-C533WD, BP-C533WR, BP-C535WD, BP-C535WR, BP-C542WD, BP-545WD,
MX-C303W, MX-C304W,
MX-C303WH, MX-C304WH,
MX-C358F, MX-C428P, MX-C428F, MX-C528F, MX-C528P,
MX-C357F, MX-C407P, MX-C507F, MX-C407F, MX-C507P, MX-C557F, MX-C607F,
A4 Monochrome MX-B356W, MX-B376W, MX-B456W, MX-B476W,
MX-B356WH, MX-B376WH, MX-B456WH, MX-B476WH,
MX-B468F, MX-B468P,
MX-B427W, MX-B427PW, MX-B467F, MX-B467P, MX-B557P, MX-B557F, MX-B707F,
BP-B537WR, BP-B540WR, BP-B547WD, BP-B550WD
  • * Requires optional PS3 Expansion Kit.

Print via Universal Print connector


  • 1. Based on the table below, install the Printer Driver for the target MFP onto the PC where the Universal Print connector is installed,
  • and make sure that the driver is ready to print.
  • 2. Download and install the Universal Print connector.
  • 3. Register the Printer Driver installed at step 1 with the Universal Print portal.
  • Launch the Universal Print connector, select the Printer Driver from the "Available Printers" list, and click the "Register" button.
  • 4. Grant user permissions to the registered driver.
    • 1. Access the Microsoft Azure portal website.
    • 2. Select Universal Print > Manage Printers.
    • 3. Select the Printer Driver and then click Share Printer.
    • 4. Select the user you want to allow access to and then click Share Printer.

For detailed procedures, refer to:https://docs.microsoft.com/universal-print/fundamentals/universal-print-getting-started

Supported Models and Printer Drivers

Category Supported Models Printer Driver
A3 Color BP-30C25

Download "SHARP UD3"

MX-2630N, MX-3070N, MX-3570N,
MX-4070N, MX-3060N, MX-3560N,
MX-3050N, MX-3550N, MX-4050N,
MX-4060N, MX-5070N, MX-6070N,
MX-5050N, MX-6050N, MX-3070V,
MX-3570V, MX-4070V, MX-3060V,
MX-3560V, MX-4060V, MX-3050V,
MX-3550V, MX-4050V, MX-5050V,
MX-5070V, MX-6050V, MX-6070V
MX-6580N, MX-7580N
MX-7081, MX-8081
MX-7090N, MX-8090N


MX-M2630, MX-M3050, MX-M3070,
MX-M3550, MX-M3570, MX-M4050,
MX-M4070, MX-M5050, MX-M5070,
MX-M6050, MX-M6070,
MX-M6570, MX-M7570


MX-B355W, MX-B455W