Sharp Print Service Plugin Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Sharp Print Service Plugin (hereinafter we call "the app") follows the Global Basic Policy on Personal Data Protection linked as below:

The followings describe what information the app collects, how the app collects them and for what purpose the app collects them:

  • Location of your mobile device
    How the app collects: By accessing the information that the device has.
    Purpose: To display the SSID of the network to which the device connects on the app.
  • IP address of your printers
    How the app collects: By accessing the printers with SNMP.
    Purpose: To let the app know where to send a print job.
  • Your login name and password or user number of the target MFP
    How the app collects: By your input.
    Purpose: To authenticate you when printing from the app.

Regarding the above information collected by the app, neither the app will share them with Sharp, nor will Sharp use them.

Established: September 5th 2019