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Mobile Phone System Solution: Example Case 2

Everything starts with the clientfs voice. Sharing a vision with you; offering support from the planning stage.

Sharing a Vision with You; Offering Support from the Planning Stage

At the time when mobile phones with monochrome displays were the standard overseas, Company B had a high degree of confidence that mobile phones would become a popular communication tool. They decided to differentiate their products by making the leap into active color displays.
Tokuji Hayakawa, the founder of Sharp, once said, “Make products that other companies want to imitate.” This spirit has been the overarching theme for Sharp in developing its products.
Sharp also believed firmly in the shift to color displays and could sympathize with the client, so we were able to tackle the project together from the product planning stage.

Establishing Exclusive Support Systems for Unprecedented Subjects

However, there was a whole stack of difficult problems in addition to a very tight development schedule, so Sharp assembled an exclusive team to build up a support system that could respond to short-term sample deliverables and client requests for urgent meetings, as well as any other issues that would arise.

Becoming Mutually Indispensable. The Real Meaning behind “Sharp—the LCD Specialists”

At the beginning, the client thought that Sharp's reputation as the LCD specialists might just mean that their LCDs were better than those of other companies. However, after working with us, they came to realize that every member of the Sharp team was a specialist in the LCD field. Both companies soon became mutually indispensable to each other.

Everything Starts with the Client's Voice

Clients' needs vary widely. Those needs change constantly. Yesterday's successes are not enough to get you through today. We must listen to the client consistently, put together the best proposals we can, and put them into practice, time after time. Every Sharp employee has inherited this philosophy over the generations.


Example Cases

Case 1 Offering timely proposals and development systems that allow you to grab business opportunities
Case 2   Sharing a vision with you; offering support from the planning stage
Case 3   Contributing to the introduction of one-of-a-kind products to the market, helping to put you ahead of your competitors
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