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Mobile Phone System Solution: Example Case 3

Offering new compact modules for every client-developed model. Contributing to the introduction of one-of-a-kind products to the market, helping to put you ahead of your competitors

Meeting Demand by Aiming Six Months Ahead of Competitors

Company C has been developing a “moving ahead by half a step” strategy: aiming to introduce technology to the market that is six months ahead of its competitors while retaining its on-site- and customer-oriented mindset. Sharp has been able to propose new compact modules whenever the client has needed them for the development of new models.

A Solid Lineup of Camera Modules and Their Peripherals

Company C highly values our CMOS camera modules, due to their enhanced image quality, reductions in price and size, and availability as systems with peripheral parts in a solid lineup.

Supporting a Digital Home-appliance Network

Our system proposals for the high-speed infrared data communication device (transfer rate: 4 Mbps) and its controller, the standard for which were drawn up together with NTT DoCoMo, E-Globaledge, and Waseda University, has met with acclaim for its high power as well as its reduced size.

Automatic Backlight Modulation to Compensate for Ambient Light

System proposals for an LCD backlight control with a brightness sensor and an LED driver with an automatic dimming function contribute to reduced power consumption and improved visibility.

Camera modules in a solid lineup
Sharp. Consistently Proposing Products that are Ahead of Their Time.

Sharp's consistent proposals are the result of our strategy as much as our history and experience. Our unique strategies for communication with clients, our philosophy of proposing products that are ahead of their time, and experience in in-house development of components for our products have all played a part in these successes.
We will continue to contribute to the introduction of one-of-a-kind products that lead the rest, and develop a tuner module that supports terrestrial digital DVB-H broadcasting and T-DMB broadcasting for overseas markets.

Example Cases

Case 1 Offering timely proposals and development systems that allow you to grab business opportunities
Case 2   Sharing a vision with you; offering support from the planning stage
Case 3   Contributing to the introduction of one-of-a-kind products to the market, helping to put you ahead of your competitors
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