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Simulator system enabling debug without PLC, document creation using Word and Excel, DXF file converter, multilingual capability, and English version for oversea use maximize the function of LCD control terminal.

By following wizard screen, even a beginner can easily edit screen.

- Bit set/reset and data setup can be easily done in PC.
- Screen (address setup) can be stored with comments for debug and used repeatedly.

More than 1,000 3D parts with 32,768 colors supporting colorful and easy-to-see screen edit.

Operation environment of ZM-71SE (v2)

Computer PC/AT compatible machines which can run Windows
CPU Pentium III 800MHz or higher
(Pentium IV 2.0GHz or higher)
Memory 512 MB or higher
HDD capacity When installed: 700 MB or higher
Display Resolution of 1024x768 dots or higher
Display colors High Color (16 bit) or higher

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