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EOL (April 2017)

Main specifications of Controller

Number of camera to be connected Up to 2 units
Connectable camera Monchrome 0.25 megapixel camera: IV-R100C6
Mochrome 2 megapixel camera: IV-R100C2
Color 1.3 megapixel camera: IV-R100C4
Camera scanning Line scaning Full mode/Half mode (monochrome camera only in half mode)
Inspection area When using IV-R100C6:any size within 512 pixels horizontally and 480 pixels vertically
When using IV-R100C2:any size within 1,600 pixels horizontally and 1,200 pixels vertically
When using IV-R100C4:any size within 1,277 pixels horizontally and 160 pixels vertically
Storobe light (output) timing adjustment (+/-) 30,000 microsecond
Image improving function Brightness Enhancing black/enhancing white/enhancing black and white
Smoothness Sharp (strong)/sharp (weak)
/soft (weak)/soft (strong)
Fix Fix black (strong)/Fix black (medium)/Fix black (weak)
/Fix white (strong)/Fix white (medium)/Fix white (weak)
Code reader Area One area per camera (4 areas)
Compatible code [One-dimentional code]
GS1 DataBar (Omnidirectional system, Limited system) / (JAN, code39, GS1-128)

[2 D code]
GS1 DataBar (Omnidirectional system, Limited system) CC-A / DataMatrix / QRcode (model 1, model 2, micro QR)
Print quality test [One-demintional code] compliant with JIS
[2 D code] compliant with ISO
Character inspection Area One area per camera (4 areas)
Number of text lines Five lines
Number of characters 100 characters (32 characters per line)
Readabel character Alphanumeric characters, kanji, marks, hiragana, katakana
Font Capable of multiple-font (no need of registration)
Text type Usual text, date (calendar function: automatic date correction, leap year)
Data checkup Matching check of code reader reading and character inspection reading
Output Evaluationg output IO, general purpose serial, PLC link
Data output General purpose serial, PLC link
Assignable object 100 types (possibe to extend to 1000 types*1)
Image memory As IV-R100C6 image: 998 images
As IV-R100C2 image: 137 images
As IV-R100C4 image: 70 images
(when a 1-TB HDD is used)
As IV-R100C6 image: approx. 4 million images
As IV-R100C2 image: approx. 500,000 images
s IV-R100C4 image: approx. 270,000 images
Tool*2 Data editing/Collecting Parameter setting support software IV-100SPM (Freeware)
Power supply voltage/Power consumption 24VDC (+/-10%)/30W
Operation ambient temperature/Operation atmosphere 0 to 45 degree Celsius/ no condensation, corrosive gas, or dust
Dimensions (mm)/Weight W242xH200xD71.6 (protruding point excluded)/Approx. 1.7kg
External I/F Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX (TCP/IPv4)
USB host connector One point
Camera input Two points (original digital)
Extended connector For Video-out unit*1 one point
For PATA100*3 HDD one point
Power supply terminal for HDD one
Parallel I/F [Input 9 points, interruption input 1 point] 12VDC/24VDC
7mA (24VDC compatible with sink/source)
Response speed: 20 microsecond at most (OFF -> ON), 500 microsecond at most (ON -> OFF)
[Output 4 points] 12VDC/24VDC
60mA (Open collector)
Response speed: 200
microsecond at most (OFF -> ON), 3 ms at most (ON -> OFF)
[High-speed output 5 points] 12VDC/24VDC
20mA (Open collector) Response speed: 5 microsecond at most (OFF -> ON), 150 microsecond at most (ON -> OFF)
Serial I/F RS232C/RS422 (2-wire/4-wire) (2.4 to 115.2kbps)
PLC link SHARP (JW series), Mitsubishi (A, Q, FX series)
Parallel I/F Input General purpose 8 points (X0 to X7)
Command strobe 1 point (CSTO)
Interrupt input Measurement start 1 point (interruption)
Common for input 1 point (common)
Output General purpose 4 points (Y0 to Y3)
High-speed output Ready 1 point (RDY)
Total evaluation 1 point (JDG)
Output timing 1 point (STO)
For strobe 2 points (FL1, FL2)
Common for output 1 point (- common)
Operation input Touch panel
Video-out Built-in 8.4" LCD
Accessory D-sub connector (1)
8-pin connector (1)
24-pin connector (1)
Angle irons for mounting main unit (4)
User's manual (1)

*1 Optional unit
*2 Software for PCs
*3 for the optional HDD

Main specification of Camera

  Digital camera
Megapixel digital camera
Megapixel digital color camera
Image sampling system Monochrome 256 gradation levels (8 bit/pixel) RGB Bayer pattern with 256 gradation levels (8bit/pixel)
Lens mount C mount
Picture taking element Interline transmission monochrome CCD Interline transmission color CCD
Pixels 0.25 megapixel (512x480) 2 megapixel (1600x1200) 1.3 megapixel (1280x960)
Element size 1/3 inch 1/1.8 inch 1/3 inch
Pixel size (um) 7.4x7.4 4.4x4.4 3.75x3.75
Shutter method Random trigger
Shutter speed 1/20000 to 1/1
(50 microsecond to 1s)
1/14000 to 1/2
(72 microsecond to 0.5s)
1/20000 to 1/1
(50 microsecond to 1s)
Synchronal system Internal synchronal mode
Image transmission time 15.6ms 57.9ms 44.5ms
Operation ambient temperature 0 to 45 degree Celsius 0 to 40 degree Celsius 0 to 45 degree Celsius
Operation atmosphere No condensation, corrosive gas, nor dust

External dimensions (unit: mm)

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