SHARP Tech-Day

Exhibition Area

At the venue, four zones of "Smart Living," "Smart Industry," "Smart Cities," and "Sustainability" will be set up in collaboration with technology partner companies, where visitors can experience products and services that lead to innovation in the world.


“Less is More”

You can experience technologies which reduce various worries at home and make lives richer and more comfortable with AI and XR (extended reality).

Less Bias, More Personal

・AI Partner



・Gatebox & COCORO+ Smart home Service Collaboration


・Non-contact vital sensor


Less Noise, More Power

・Low noise & High power Hair dryer

・Low noise & Powerful stick cleaner

Less Time, More Power

・High Speed Oven

Less Waste, More Saving


・TV Smart Energy Saving Solution


“Better Efficiency”

Sharp will propose ideas to provide speed and efficiency to industries with RX for smart support of diverse work styles.

Better Efficiency with Your Tasks

・Micro LED display "Silicon Display" for outdoor AR glasses

・Polymer Lens camera

・Ultra Compact Camera

・Life/work update experience to use the XR glass.

・The fusion of Real and Computing by XR is your new partner

Better Logistic Efficiency

・Robot Storage System

Better Analyzing Efficiency

・AI Olfactory Sensor

・IMS Gas Analyzer (IMS: Ion Mobility Spectrometry)

・Gas decomposition module applying original photocatalyst material

・AI Defect Detection / AI Operation Detection

・AI Zero-Shot Image Recognition and Situational Assessment Solution

・Pest control system using semiconductor laser

・neuron chip

Better Visibility and Efficiency

・ Moth Eye structure film


“Better Safety”

You can experience technologies which will deliver security and safety to people’s living such as AI driving assistance and technologies useful in the event of a disaster and prevention.

Better Mobility Safety

・Application of 3D sound technology "OPSODIS"

・AI driving improvement guidance solution

・Driver Monitoring Camera

Better Prevention Safety

・Instant 5G Network - disaster monitoring system -

・Super Water Saving Washing System


“Greener Energy”

You can see technologies that produce renewable energies of the future and address environmental issues by improving power efficiency.

Creating Green Energy

・Perovskite solar module

・Space Solar Sheet

・Automotive solar module

・Indoor photovoltaic device "LC-LH" solution

・TV Remote Control with LC-LH device

・Harvesting Module

Saving Energy with Greener Technology

・Low Power Consumption Reflective LCD signage for outdoor

・Ultra Low Power Indoor Display "ePoster"

*Exhibition contents and stage programs for this event are subject to change.

*The actual displays and products may differ from images.