Limited Time Tour – Visit Kyoto Tourist Spots with RoBoHoN Guiding Robot!

MK Co., Ltd. Taxi service (MK Taxi) provides a limited time tour in Kyoto called RoBo Tabi Taxi with a guiding robot, Sharp’s RoBoHoN, until September 30, 2019.


In this tour, RoBoHoN speaks information about the history and culture of tourist spots together with many tips, and the customer can enjoy communication with RoBoHoN who can speak in English, Japanese, and Chinese.


The tour is for about six hours. Customers ride a 9-seat taxi with RoBoHoN starting at MK Taxi VIP Station near Kyoto Station, and visit Kiyomizu Temple, Nanzen Temple, inside Shogunzuka Seiryu Temple Hall, Shogunzuka Western Observation Deck, and such.


Here we introduce an experience tour held for the media.


MK Taxi VIP Station
The MK Taxi VIP Station which serves as the rendezvous point is located in the first floor of ibis styles HOTEL near JR Kyoto Station.

MK Taxi VIP Station


RoBoHoN awaiting for customers at the front desk

The hat RoBoHoN is wearing is specially designed by Yuma Koshino, matching the driver of MK Taxi.


Meeting Ceremony
First, a Meeting Ceremony is held for RoBoHoN to remember the face and name of the customer.

The meeting ceremony is held with a brief explanation by the driver


Register your name by touching the screen on the  back of RoBoHoN


RoBoHoN remembers your face by taking a photo


Meeting Ceremony ends with fitting RoBoHoN in its carrying case

And the tour starts in the 9-seat taxi!


RoBoHoN guides the tour in the taxi
RoBoHoN starts the tour by explaining many points on the route the first stop, Kiyomizu Temple. Please enjoy the call of RoBoHoN eager to tell you many information he knows.

RoBoHoN eager to talk about his knowledge will certainly bring a smile to your face


Kiyomizu Temple
The taxi stops at the bottom of Kiyomizu Temple, and the customer will walk up a pathway called Chawanzaka guided by RoBoHoN. This is a private time in the tour for the customer to walk around and take lunch.

*The driver will not accommodate during private time


There is an ancient pathway below Kiyomizu Temple called Sannenzaka. There are many theories related to the name of this pathway, and some are introduced on street boards.

Explanation of theories about Sannenzaka


RoBoHoN also gives an explanation about a jinx well known about Sannenzaka here.

There used to be a jinx that if you trip at Sannenzaka, you will pass away within three years. But as time passed, a new jinx was born that if you carry a gourd that has no edges as a charm, it is OK to trip. That is why there are souvenir shops at the bottom of the pathway selling gourds.

Be careful not to trip!


Get your charm at a souvenir shop


There are many stops to grab dumplings and other sweets along the pathway as well.

Take a rest and enjoy dumplings


Our experience ended here. Please experience the full tour upon visiting Kyoto.


I was told by the software developer that they walked this pathway about 100 times. Other members also told me the efforts behind the scene of creating this RoBo Tabi Taxi tour. The technology of RoBoHoN was merged with past experiences of tour guides together with the know-how of MK Taxi to realize this trip for visitors to enjoy.


Please take this tour and enjoy your time visiting Kyoto together with RoBoHoN.

MK Taxi website


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