Sakai Robot Tour -Visiting historic spots with RoBoHoN-

From March 15th to May 31st, JTB Corp., Sakai city, and Sakai Tourism and Convention Bureau Public Interest Incorporated Association are conducting experiments of next generation tourism business, Sakai Robot Tour, produced by GHEN Corporation with technical support from Sharp. Sakai Robot Tour lets tourists to visit historic spots, such as Nintoku-Tenno-Ryo Tumulus, the largest […]

The Call of Adhān from TV – Sharp’s Activity to Develop Indonesia Market

It is well known that faithful Muslims pray five times a day towards Mecca. So how do they know when to pray (salah time)? There is  a call to pray,  adhān, reciting “Allāhu ʾakbar (God is the greatest)” from nearby mosques to inform the start of each prayer time. However, because salah times differ according to […]