Sharp’s 8K TV Wins HiVi Grand Prix GOLD Award in Japan


Sharp’s 8K TV <8T-C80AX1> was awarded HiVi Grand Prix 2018 GOLD Award. Hivi is a prestigious AV magazine in Japan published by Stereosound. HiVi Grand Prix is an annual event held for the 34th time in Japan.


Left: Mr. Reiji Asakura, Head of HiVi Grand Prix 2018 Selection Committee
Right: Bob Ishida, Sharp Executive Vice President

 This marks the third time Sharp winning the GOLD Award, a first in six years since the 4K LCD TV <LC-60HQ10>.

The ceremony was held on January 23 at Ristorante ASO (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo). Sharp’s Executive Vice President Bob Ishida attended the event.

“I am pleased we won this GOLD award for the first time in six years, and especially with 8K which is an area we are working on with all our forces,” said Ishida. “I am excited we have been able to introduce the first tuner-equipped 8K TV in seven years since revealing our 8K monitor sample in 2011. Sharp currently sets its business vision as “Changing the World with 8K and AIoT.” Through 8K broadcasting, we would like to deliver moving experiences through presenting images with overwhelming reality and immersive feeling. In other areas, we will develop new business with 8K technology at our core, such as for social infrastructure, plant inspection, medical, education etc. Meanwhile, with 5G technology developing we expect wireless transmission to be realized as well. In the near future, I am positive users can experience 8K in front of their eyes through smartphone devices and such. Sharp will continue to develop 8K widely in various fields.”


The HiVi Grand Prix is a prestigious award that reviews all audio visual products announced that year and selects the leading product in that year. Especially the GOLD Award is given to the most valued product. The award winners were selected by Mr. Reiji Asakura, Head of HiVi Grand Prix 2018 Selection Committee, and other critics, Mr. Haruo Ushio, Mr. Yoshio Obara, Mr. Osamu Takatsu, Mr. Yosuke Fujiwara, and Mr. Koji Yamamoto, along with HiVi editors.  

▲(left) Shunsuke Uesugi, General Manager of Sharp 8K Promotion Dept., Sharp Domestic TV Division, Smart TV Systems Business Unit
(center) Bob Ishida, Executive Vice President of Sharp
(right) Akihiro Munatoshi,  Division Manager of  Sharp Domestic TV Division, TV Systems Business Unit
▲GOLD Award shield of 34th HiVi Grand Prix 2018
▲Sharp 8K TV AQUOS 8K <8T-C80AX1>

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