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Graphing Calculator EL-9900
Handbook vol.1 (Algebra)
PDF Handbook vol.1 (Algebra) for EL-9900 (1.4M)

PDF Fractions and Decimals (28K)
Pie Charts
PDF Pie Charts and Proportions (28K)
Linear Equations
PDF Slope and Intercept of Linear Equations (44K)
PDF Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (40K)
Quadratic Equations
PDF Slope and Intercept of Quadratic Equations (56K)
Literal Equations
PDF Solving a Literal Equation Using the Equation Method (Amortization) (44K)
PDF Solving a Literal Equation Using the Graphic Method (Volume of a Cylinder) (44K)
PDF Solving a Literal Equation Using Newton's Method (Area of a Trapezoid) (44K)
PDF Graphing Polynomials and Tracing to Find the Roots (44K)
PDF Graphing Polynomials and Jumping to Find the Roots (44K)
A System of Equations
PDF Solving a System of Equations by Graphing or Tool Feature (44K)
Matrix Solutions
PDF Entering and Multiplying Matrices (44K)
PDF Solving a System of Linear Equations Using Matrices (48K)
PDF Solving Inequalities (52K)
PDF Solving Double Inequalities (44K)
PDF System of Two-Variable Inequalities (36K)
PDF Graphing Solution Region of Inequalities (52K)
Absolute Value Functions Equations Inequalities
PDF Slope and Intercept of Absolute Value Functions (44K)
PDF Solving Absolute Value Equations (32K)
PDF Solving Absolute Value Inequalities (52K)
PDF Evaluating Absolute Value Functions (44K)
Rational Functions
PDF Graphing Rational Functions (48K)
PDF Solving Rational Function Inequalities (40K)
Conic Sections
PDF Graphing Parabolas (48K)
PDF Graphing Circles (48K)
PDF Graphing Ellipses (44K)
PDF Graphing Hyperbolas (44K)

Handbook vol.2 (Programmes)
PDF Handbook vol.2 (Programmes) for EL-9900 (1.2M)

Resource Book
PDF Basic Keyboard/General Mathematics for EL-9900 (116K)
PDF Basic Keyboard/Algebra for EL-9900 (108K)
PDF Basic Keyboard/Programming for EL-9900 (98K)
PDF Advanced Keyboard/Algebra for EL-9900 (128K)
PDF Advanced Keyboard/Calculus for EL-9900 (148K)
PDF Advanced Keyboard/Statistics for EL-9900 (112K)
PDF Advanced Keyboard/Trigonometry for EL-9900 (118K)
PDF Advanced Keyboard/Programming for EL-9900 (126K)