"IGZO" : display and high-sensitivity
sensor technology driving
new developments in various fields

"IGZO" is a technological revolution of a kind never seen before. And as a unique semiconductor, "IGZO" is the driving force behind new developments in a variety of fields—not only in liquid crystal, but new generation displays, too. These include smart widescreens that display information synced with actual human actions, and which are intuitively operable using methods that come naturally. Also, OLED displays that, being flexible, segue effortlessly into everyday lifestyle and public scenarios, while providing the highest resolution. Furthermore, "IGZO" is powering the speedy development of the MEMS shutter display. This revolutionary technology enables constant moving picture displays easily visible in almost any type of environment.
An image of how "IGZO" will change the future
High resolution mirror display Wearable OLED display Flexible OLED display Ultra-high luminance MEMS smartphone Wide temperature range MEMS tablet Supersensitivity X-ray image sensor
"IGZO" promises technological advancement for more than just displays. "IGZO" also holds promise in medical scenarios; for example, in the high-sensitivity sensors that accurately convert x-rays into high-resolution images. Sharp’s further steady development of "IGZO" will be made in collaboration with players in numerous different fields, to bring about medical sensors and intuitively operated displays and the like that were to date unthinkable. All eyes are on the revolutionary technology that is "IGZO", as it paves the way for a future lifestyle that is ever new, ever more comfortable and ever richer.