Always stable performance thanks to a unique crystal structure

"IGZO" is a crystal of elements that were considered difficult to crystalize: indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, and as such achieves a new atomic arrangement. This manufacturing secret makes for a unique crystalline structure that supports consistently stable performance. "IGZO" is therefore able to bring its unique capabilities, such as further enhanced picture resolution and compatibility with a growing number of display types, to the technology of tomorrow, for ever higher levels of efficiency, performance and reliability.
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New strides in crystal technology with 20-50 times greater electron mobility rates

The electron mobility rate is a measure of how easily electrons can flow within a solid body. Compared with the electron mobility rate for the amorphous (non-crystalline) silicon semiconductors widely used in liquid crystal panels, the rate for "IGZO" is 20-50 times greater, allowing liquid crystal technology to further evolve.

Incredibly high resolution in beautiful, natural color, for an enhanced sense of "being there"

High electron mobility rate of "IGZO" successfully enables unprecedented transistor miniaturization and circuit thinning. By raising light transmission amount of each pixel, twice the resolution is achieved for the same transmittance.
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Successfully and substantially reduces power required for still image display

Major strength of "IGZO" is in its low power consumption. Previous screens had to overwrite still image data, but "IGZO" keeps it without overwriting even when the power is off. For this reason, "IGZO" reduces power consumption to a fifth or even a tenth that of conventional screens. In this way, "IGZO" also contributes greatly to longer battery life.

Touch panel operational improvements,and ultra-sensitivity

"IGZO" is an intermittently operational type of semiconductor, meaning that any noise generation affecting the touch panel detector circuits is very brief, allowing for highly accurate detection of even the faintest signals. This makes possible the kind of ultra-sensitivity that can pick up even on lines as thin as the tip of a pen. Writing on an "IGZO" powered screen has the same feel as on paper, enabling very natural handwriting input.
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The "IGZO" product mass-produced by Sharp is display using the CAAC or nano-crystal "IGZO" crystalline oxide semiconductor jointly produced by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. This component supports the feature of high reliability described above.