So smart, so compact, so easy to place

A versatile MFP that’s built for the future of work

The world of work is changing—whether it’s in a remote office, a coworking space, or a larger enterprise setting. As workplaces evolve, every growing business needs equipment that can keep up with the times. Here’s one MFP that offers a compelling solution. Integrating seamlessly with A3 machines, this MFP is at home in virtually any office, large or small. Rest assured, it’s designed with security, reliability, and high functionality in mind. This versatile MFP could be your key to unlocking new business growth and opportunities.

Small/midsize offices


Executive rooms

Shared offices/coworking spaces


Interacting with others to get the job done regardless of time or space—that’s the key to maximum value.


Information is one of business’s greatest assets and needs to be safeguarded with the utmost security—that’s the key to propelling business.


Leveraging the latest technology can help you get everyday tasks done with ease and efficiency—that’s the key to business success.

Key Features