Google TV

Entertainment you love.
With a little help
from Google.

Hey Google

Find movies, shows,
and more —
just ask Google Assistant.

Launch apps. Find movies and shows. Stream music. Control your TV. And do it all with your voice. Ask Google Assistant to quickly search across all your apps to find the show you’re looking for, give you personalized recommendations for what to watch next, and share the latest sports scores or control your smart home devices*. Just press the Google Assistant button on the remote to get started.

  • *Requires compatible devices, sold separately. Requires Internet connection. Subscriptions for services may be required.

Everything you stream.
All on one screen.

With 400,000+ movies, TV episodes, and more available across 10,000+ apps,
Google TV takes streaming to the next level — bringing together your favorite entertainment from across your apps and organizing it all, just for you.

You can experience the incredible visuals and sound from multiple streaming services in stunning quality and immersive sound with this model.

True Brightness x True Color True to Life | AQUOS XLED

  • *Google TV is not available for Mainland China.

One list for all your discoveries.

Keep all your shows and movies in a single watchlist, no matter which app its on. That means no more hunting app to app to find what you want to watch. Hear about an interesting show or movie? Add it to your watchlist from your TV, phone, laptop, or through Google Search on any browser and pick right up on the big screen later.

  • *Requires being signed into a Google Account.

Control your TV with your phone.

Use the Google TV app* to control your TV right from your mobile device. And with your phone’s keyboard, it’s easy to enter complicated passwords.

  • *Google TV app only available in select countries.

Chromecast built-in

Easily cast movies, shows, photos,
and more from your phone right to your TV. *

  • *Casting compatible with select apps and devices.

Google Meet

You can make face-to-face video calls with your loved ones at a distance on a large screen.

  • *Google Meet supports up to 720P quality, and requires a USB camera compatible with Google TV sold separately.

TV for the whole family.

With kids profiles, kids get their very own Google TV experience — a space that’s just for them, with their own apps and entertainment. Kids can pick from a selection of playful avatars and themes, and parents can restrict what streaming services are shown, limit watching time, and set a bedtime.


All these features are packed in the recommended TV, AQUOS XLED.
It comes in 75-inch and 65-inch sizes.

  • *Google TV is not available for Mainland China.
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