Case Study


Japan Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Yoro Service Area, Inbound Lane

Advertising the service area's specialties with digital signage Contents are easy to update by delivering over LAN



Purpose of Implementation

Improved efficiency, Reduced costs, Improved service

Implemented product
Information display

Installed at service area shop entrance, from shop ceilings, and at restaurant entrance using ceiling suspension and easel stands. Implemented from May 2018.
Sales: Nishibori Co., Ltd.

Japan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.

Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture (Head office, Japan)
Established in 1960. This core company of the Minami Group is a lifestyle creation and service company, which manages expressway rest spots, restaurants, and golf courses, and retails merchandise.
Yoro Service Area Inbound Lane (this solution) / Gifu Prefecture

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

At this service area, the shops made posters of their recommended products and the restaurant's favorite menus. Few posters could be put up because of limited space, and they couldn't be updated frequently because of the time and effort required. The signs lacked the appeal to attract customers to view them carefully, especially during crowded times.

  • Implement digital signage, with videos and images, to advertise recommendations from the shop and restaurant.
  • Use suspension fittings or stands to display the sign in the landscape or portrait directions, even in small spaces.
  • Use "e-Signage RakuRaku Delivery" to send content via LAN and reduce updating work.
Background of Implementation
Using signage to deliver shop's recommendations that cannot be conveyed sufficiently with posters.

At our Service Area, we used poster signs to advertise the shop's recommendations and the restaurant's favorite menus. We couldn't put up too many signs because of limited space, and it was difficult to convey the appeal of the product. Updating took time and effort, so it was difficult to relay information in a timely fashion. Also, customers couldn't look at the posters carefully when it was busy, so we were looking for a tool to effectively transmit information.

Japan Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Yoro Service Area Inbound Lane
Restaurant Yoro
Manager, Shinji Tsuji

Reasons for Selection
Highly valued tool at many of our company's restaurant, etc.

Our company has implemented many Sharp displays at our restaurants, etc., so we have a sense of achievement and trust. The versatile display can be set vertically or horizontally using suspension fittings or stands, allowing us to put the sign where it will not obstruct passages. The built-in media player eliminates the need for a personal computer. By using the content delivery software, "e-Signage RakuRaku Delivery," the video and images to be displayed can be freely set and changed. The function to reserve the display schedule beforehand is also highly valued.

Displays suspended over the shop show recommended souvenirs

A sign advertising favorite menus is set on a stand in front of the restaurant

Effect after implementation
Advertising popular souvenirs by using displays.
Helpful in attracting restaurant customers.

Seven displays are installed at positions within the customer's field of view from their line of traffic. Multiple images of popular souvenirs are displayed at various places throughout the shop. Favorite menus from the restaurant, which is set away from the customer’s line of traffic, are also promoted with videos, helping to attract customers.

Sign in front of the food court ticket vending machine shows the menus

Future prospects
Considering foreign language displays for international visitors.
Utilizing stationary images and announcements to guide visitors.

Now that we can arrange multiple displays in a small space, we are considering posting content in foreign languages for our international visitors. With the sign in front of the food ticket vending machine, we can recommend guests to save a seat before buying their ticket. We'll be able to reduce the number of staff assigned in front of the vending machine and optimize our personnel layout.

Display contents are delivered with "e-Signage RakuRaku Delivery"

Issued September 2019