Case Study


Osaka Terminal Building Co., Ltd. OSAKA STATION CITY

Delivering event informations, etc. with multiple signages, including 90-inch display
Enhanced multi-language support with BIG PAD touch-type facility guides


Commercial facility

Purpose of Implementation

Improved service, Improved efficiency, Improved image

Implemented product
Information display

PN-R903A (90-inch) × 1 unit
PN-R606 (60-inch) × 1 unit
PN-R556 (55-inch) × 14 units
PN-V550A (55-inch) × 3 units
PN-R496 (49-inch) × 2 units
PN-R426 (42-inch) × 14 units

Touch display “BIG PAD”

PN-L401C (40-inch) x 11 units
Contents delivery software “e-Signage S”
Web server version
Implemented in March 2019. Many units are installed at traffic nodal points, such as facility entrances, information areas, elevator halls, and sides of passageways.


Osaka Terminal Building Co., Ltd.

Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Established in 1978. Starting with “OSAKA STATION CITY,” the gateway to Osaka City, Osaka Terminal Building conducts a variety of businesses, including station building development, operation, and management.
OSAKA STATION CITY (this solution)

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

As the digital signage adopted when our facility opened in 2011 was aging, we wanted to implement upgraded replacements. We wanted to strengthen the information delivery with large displays and to provide multi-language information to support the increasing number of foreign tourists.

  • Large displays, including the 90-inch model, were installed throughout the facility. Information is delivered with clear and attractive images.
  • BIG PAD’ s touch-type facility guides offer information in six languages and are increasingly used by foreign tourists.
  • “e-Signage S” speedily delivers information on events and shops, etc.
Background of Implementation
Replacing the first generation of digital signage.
Strengthening information delivery performance with large signage.

When our facility first opened in 2011, many digital signage units and touch displays were adopted to deliver facility guides and information. Time had passed, and we were thinking about replacing the original equipment. We looked at display units with advanced product technology that were larger, brighter, and easier to view. The number of foreign tourists increased significantly since we first opened, so we wanted to deliver more multi-language information and improve our services.

Osaka Terminal Building Co., Ltd.
(left)Masanori Seo, Section Manager
Facility Department
(right)Yoshitomo Okamae, Supervisor
Sales Dept. Promotion Group

Reasons for Selection
Impressed by bright, clear, and attractive large screens. The ability to manage content on the cloud was also a key factor.

We were impressed with the Sharp display, having a bright, clear, and attractive large screen. We also liked that BIG PAD was larger and easier to use than the previous touch displays. The ability to manage content, such as event information, on the cloud, and speedy delivery with the content delivery software “e-Signage S” was also a key factor for our selection. Sharp provided us with technical proposals to meet our needs and responded to our various consultations. We are happy that we selected Sharp.

55-inch 3-panel multi-display installed behind counter.

Effect after implementation
Timely delivery of information is also popular with our tenants. Use of the touch-type facility guide has increased significantly.

The latest information on events and campaigns, etc., is delivered on displays located throughout the facility. This is popular with our tenants. Live broadcasts of events taking place in the facility have increased the satisfaction of both the performers and the audience. The large screens of the touch-type facility guides utilizing BIG PAD are an eye-catcher, and use has increased significantly. Automatic translations are available in five languages, and use by foreign tourists is growing. QR code allows users to take information on their smartphones, cutting down the need for leaflets.

Easy operations just by touching. Information can be viewed on smartphone by scanning QR code.

Future prospects
Strengthening the ability to communicate with various users. Considering the promotion of barrier-free facility using signage.

It is expected that the Umeda area's development will advance as we prepare for the Expo 2025 Osaka. We predict that the number of people using our facility will increase more. As the gateway to Osaka City, we hope to further strengthen the delivery of information to provide users with new discoveries and impressions. We also hope to use digital signage to improve the functions of guides, etc., and to further promote barrier-free facilities.

Displays show information for people waiting for elevator.

Issued February 2020