Case Study


Sky Co., Ltd.

Introducing business on 18-panel multi-display installed in the reception area Improving corporate image and securing human resources with impressive large display



Purpose of Implementation

Improved image, Improved service, Improved efficiency

Implemented product
Information display

PN-V551 (55-inch) x 72 units
* 18-panel multi-display x 4 locations
e-Signage (contents delivery display system) network version
18-panel multi-displays were installed in the reception areas of the Osaka head office, Tokyo head office, Shinagawa Office, and Nagoya Branch. Products were sequentially implemented from December 2015.


Sky Co., Ltd. is located in the Nissei Shin-Osaka Building

Sky Co., Ltd.

Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Established in 1985. Sky Co., Ltd.’s business centers on the development and sales of original package products for information security and education, and the design and development of built-in software for business systems and automobile electronics, etc.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

We are aiming to expand our business and are currently focusing on recruitment activities as it is essential for us to secure many talented human resources. We were considering the implementation of digital signage to change the atmosphere of our reception area, which is the face of our company, and enhance our brand image.

  • Promotional videos of our products and business are shown on the reception area’s 18-panel multi-display.
  • Powerful images are displayed large screen that fills the entire wall, and give a strong impression to visitors.
  • Linking the contents with transit advertisements and tv commercials will improve our image and be useful in our recruitment activities.
Background of Implementation
Hoping to improve our corporate image to secure human resources. Considering the installation of digital signage in our reception areas.

Our company is commissioned to develop many systems for business use and in-vehicle equipment. As we aim to expand our business, we are currently focusing on recruitment activities as it is essential for us to secure many talented human resources. We thought about enhancing our brand image by changing the atmosphere of our reception area, which is as it were the face of our company, and looked into implementing wall-size digital signage to create an impressive reception area.

Takashi Sasamoto
Public Relations Department
Deputy General Manager
Sky Co., Ltd.

Reasons for Selection
Admiring our existing Sharp LCD displays.
Convinced by the strong appeal of the large screens.

Our company has been using many of Sharp’s displays and BIG PAD in our meetings, etc., and we have admired the bright, high-definition, and easy-to-see displays. We have implemented the 4-panel multi-display in some of our reception rooms and conference rooms for use in teleconferencing and showing presentation materials, etc. The appeal of the dynamic large screen was convincing. The diverse range of products that allowed us to select optimally sized devices to use our reception area without waste was also an advantage.

Multi-panels were installed on the entire wall of the reception area.

Effect after implementation
Displaying PR videos on 18-panel multi-display.
Very impressive and popular with visitors.

We sequentially installed the 18-panel multi-display in the reception areas of our Osaka head office, and Tokyo head office and Nagoya branch. We show promotional videos on our products and business, tv commercials, and images introducing our company history, etc. The large panels fill the entire wall and are easy to see from all points of our reception area. The high-impact images leave a strong impression. We hope to link the contents with our transit advertising and tv commercials to advance our corporate image. The system is popular with our visitors and often comes up in conversation during business meetings. It has also helped increase our credibility with students who come for job hunting. We anticipate that it will be useful in gathering many talented human resources.

Large screens with significant impact effectively promote products and business.

Future prospects
Using the e-Signage schedule edit function to reduce the time required for operation management.

For the signage, the video created at our company is distributed from e-Signage (contents delivery display system). The system is easy to use as we can control the contents with simple operations from a tablet terminal. We hope to use the system to reduce time and effort by using the schedule edit function, which displays optional contents at the designated date and time or switching contents at specific timings, such as at the new fiscal year.

Screen layout and input information, etc., are controlled with tablet terminal.

Issued March 2017