Case Study


Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd.

LED lights incorporated throughout the company significantly reduces electricity costs
Increased brightness in warehouses and workspaces improves safety



Purpose of Implementation

Reduced costs, Improved efficiency, Improved safety

Implemented product
LED lights

High ceiling light DL-EH201N, etc. x 1,743 units
Floodlight DL-EL08N-W, etc., x 796 units
Direct straight type DL-NA29NM, etc. x 255 units
Security light DL-E14VA, etc. x 16 units
Module type base light DL-MU400N, etc. x 4,737 units
Embedded square type DL-MB500N, etc. x 18 units
Base downlight DL-D1006N, etc., x 65 units
Base light DL-TD4203 x 25 units
LED ceiling light DL-AC403V, etc., x 10 units
LED bulbs DL-LA82L, etc. x 183 units
Total 7,848 units
In addition to the Fukuoka Factory, products have been sequentially implemented from September, 2017 in 47 branches, factories, and logistics centers around Japan.


Fukuoka Factory (this solution)/ Umi-cho, Kasuya-gun, Fukuoka

Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Chiyoda City, Tokyo (head office)
Established in 1967. Nikken has developed a nationwide leasing business for temporary construction materials such as scaffolding and onsite offices used at construction sites, office equipment, logistics equipment, and various care equipment.

This is what we realized.
 Challenges before implementation

Our company, which leases out temporary construction materials and care equipment, has large warehouses and work sites. We had been facing challenges which were the expensive electricity costs, and bothersome and costly lamp replacement because we used many mercury lights and fluorescent lights for the lighting. So we decided to look into replacing our lighting with electricity-saving, long-life LED lights.

  • LED lights introduced in our branches and factories around the country substantially reduced our lighting electricity costs by approx. 50%.
  • The bright lighting improves safety in our transportation work and makes it easier to service the lease products.
  • We were able to streamline the lamp replacement time and effort. That led to reduce the cost of replacement and disposal.
Background of Implementation
Looking to reduce electricity costs and bothersome lamp replacement. Discontinue production of mercury lamp and fluorescent light manufacturing was also an issue.

Our company, which stores and maintains lease products, has large warehouses and worksites around Japan. We wanted to reduce the high electricity costs required for the many mercury lamps and fluorescent lights. Lighting was installed at high locations, so we had to prepare scaffolding and an elevated work truck when replacements were required. We knew that mercury lamp and florescent light production would be discontinued in the future. Disposal of this type of lighting costs higher, and fewer municipalities were accepting them for processing.

Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Kyushu Factory Business Dept.
General Factory manager
Makoto Maeyama

Reasons for Selection
Selecting the perfect products for office to outdoor use. Satisfied with the representative’s attentive response during the field investigation.

When we started thinking about replacing our equipment with electricity-saving and long-life LED lights, we consulted with a Sharp representative we knew through product leasing. He told us we could select lighting with the perfect brightness and light distribution for various installation locations, including warehouses with high ceilings, offices, and outdoor parking lots. The availability of drip-proof types compatible with outdoor installation was also an advantage. Sharp conducted an extensive field investigation and presented an optimum installation plan. We were very satisfied and decided to install the lighting.

High ceiling lights brightly from a high location. Lamp replacement is also reduced significantly.

Effect after implementation
Electricity costs for lighting were cut by approx. 50% with LED lights. Sufficient brightness secured for lease product maintenance work.

Our electricity costs were significantly reduced by implementing LED lights throughout the company. At the Fukuoka Factory, where the implementation effect was especially significant, electricity costs were cut down by approximately 50%. Fewer lamp replacements should also reduce costs. Our employees are satisfied with the brighter work environment. Safety has been improved as workers can see stacked products better when working with a forklift at night. Workers can see dirt and damage better when servicing the lease products, by that improving the quality of maintenance. LED lights immediately relight fully during breaks even if they are turned off, so there’s no need to wait for the area to become brighter when resuming work, helping increase work efficiency.

Module type base lights have improved the office environment.

Future prospects
Striving to create a brighter and more comfortable work environment.

Since we were able to cut electricity costs by implementing the LED lights, we plan to sequentially replace the remaining fluorescent lights, etc. We hope to promote the creation of a brighter and more comfortable environment for our workers.

LED floodlights in the outdoor work areas have increased work safety.

Issued March 2018