Case Study


Noah Indoor Stage Co., Ltd.

Achieving brightness equivalent to 700W mercury lamps with 200W LED floodlights Indoor tennis school with even brightness achieved by area light distribution


Sports facility

Purpose of Implementation

Reduced costs, Enhanced comfort, Improved service

Implemented product
LED lights

DL-EL21N-W x 32 units
Implemented in July 2016 to coincide with the opening of our new tennis school that focuses on the training of junior players.

Noah Indoor Stage Co., Ltd.

Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture (head office)
Established in 1980. Noah Indoor Stage is engaged in a wide range of business activities, including the planning and operation of tennis clubs and schools, training and dispatch of tennis instructors, futsal-related businesses, and tutoring schools.
Noah Tennis Academy Kobe Tarumi School (this solution)/Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

We have been replacing mercury lamps with LED lights at our facilities to reduce electricity costs. When opening our new school, we considered implementing LED lights from the planning stages. Our challenges were selecting a model that would increase the ball’ s visibility and how to install it optimally so that it would not interfere with nighttime play.

  • Brightness equivalent to 700W mercury lamps is achieved with approx. 200W power consumption. The long life reduces maintenance costs.
  • Area light distribution provides a bright, even light while reducing glare. Visibility is improved even during nighttime lessons.
  • LED lights do not emit ultraviolet rays, so insects do not gather. Students can focus on their lessons.
Background of Implementation
Reducing nighttime lighting costs.
Lighting with high ball visibility.

Lighting costs have been an issue for a while because the junior players’ lessons are held in the evening after school. We were gradually replacing the mercury lamps in the indoor courts with LED lights to reduce costs. It was essential for us to implement LED lights when opening our new school. However, depending on the type and installation method, the ball can be difficult to see, and glare can affect performance when the player serves and tosses up the ball. Therefore, it was important for us to select and install the optimum equipment.

(Left)Yasuo Suse, Assistant Director
Noah Indoor Stage Co., Ltd.
Management Headquarters
(Right)Kazunori Suzuki, Coach
Noah Tennis Academy
Kobe Tarumi School

Reasons for Selection
High energy efficiency, long life, and easy maintenance. Area light distribution ensures even and bright lighting throughout the facility and reduces glare.

The LED floodlight realizes a brightness of 22,000lm, equivalent to a 700W mercury lamp, and consumes approx. 30% less power. We were impressed with the low running costs, the approx. 60,000-hour long life, and the simple maintenance. The illuminance calculation showed that the lights would provide sufficient brightness at the floor even from a height of 6m. In addition, the area light distribution controlled with Sharp’s unique lens provides a broad and even illumination and reduces glare.

36m long x 45m wide tennis court space with a peak height of 9.5m is evenly and brightly illuminated

Effect after implementation
High ball visibility with no glare is popular. Insects do not gather, and students can focus on lessons.

While LED lights can significantly reduce electricity costs, some people taking nighttime lessons say the uneven lighting can cause them to lose sight of the ball momentarily. However, none of our school’s students have made such complaints. The reduced glare is popular with the students who say that the lighting leaves no afterimage in their eyes, making it easier to play. In addition, the LED lights emit very little ultraviolet light, so insects do not gather even when the partition curtains are open. The students can now focus on their lessons.

Insects do not gather even when the curtains are open to simulate outdoor games

Future prospects
Adopting LED floodlights at new schools. Thinking of implementing air purifiers and displays.

This school has gained attention as a model case as our company considers implementing LED floodlights at our new schools. In addition to lighting, we are thinking of installing Plasmacluster air purifiers to enhance comfort in the clubhouse and implementing LED displays for displaying schedules. We aim to create highly popular tennis schools with such advanced facilities.

The illuminating face is installed with an approx. 10-degree inclination; area light distribution reduces glare during play

Issued September 2016