Case Study


Medical Corporation Jushokai Satsuki Dental Clinic

Increasing comfort in the clinic environment with the Plasmacluster air purifier. Effective for suppressing odors unique to dental clinics and collecting cutting powder.



Purpose of Implementation

Increased comfort, Improved service, Enhanced image

Implemented product
Wall / shelf mounted type Plasmacluster air purifier

FU-M1000 (for approx. 35m2) x 1 unit
FU-MK500 (for approx. 25m2) x 5 units
Implemented in March 2018. Wall-mounted type units were installed in the waiting room and all five private consultation rooms.
Retailer: Mikuni Electric Communication Service Co., Ltd.

Medical Corporation Jushokai Satsuki Dental Clinic

Nagakute, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Opened in 2006. The clinic focused on providing safe treatments for the patients. Various considerations have been made for the patients, including completely private consultation rooms and thorough informed consent.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

In order to protect our patients' privacy, we have adopted completely private consultation rooms. We considered implementing air purifies in each room so that the air would not get stagnant, and we could create a clean air environment. We were looking for a wall-mounted type that would not get in the way of treatments.

  • Wall-mounted type Plasmacluster air purifiers were installed in all consultation rooms and the waiting room. A comfortable and hygienic clinic environment has been realized.
  • The units help suppress odors unique to dental clinics and help collect cutting powder that scatter during dental treatments. We've received favorable reputations from the patients.
  • We entered an optimum installation plan and 5-year maintenance support contract when the units were implemented. We are satisfied that high efficiency is constantly attained.
Background of Implementation
Improving the air environment in private consultation rooms. Odors unique to dental clinics and cutting powder, etc., were a challenge.

In consideration of our patients’ privacy, our clinic has adopted completely private consultation rooms, but unfortunately, the air easily became stagnant. We wanted to incorporate high-performance air purifiers that would allow us to manage the air sanitation, as well as suppress odors unique to dental clinics, such as medicines, materials, and cement. We also wanted to collect fine particles that scatter when drilling teeth, etc.

Medical Corporation Jushokai
Satsuki Dental Clinic
Hiroyuki Tanaka,

Reasons for Selection
The wall-mounted type that doesn’t obstruct treatments was the deciding factor. We were satisfied with the optimum installation plan.

The Sharp residential air purifier we use in the kids’ room of the waiting area was popular with the patients, so Plasmacluster was our first choice. The floor-standing type would get in the way of treatments, so we wanted a wall-mounted type. We found one on Sharp’s website for businesses. We made an inquiry via the website and received an answer right away. The sales representative came with an installation contractor to check the site. They prepared an optimized installation plan for achieving the maximum effect, which convinced us to implement a total of six units.

Large wall-mounted type Plasmacluster air purifier installed in the waiting room

Effect after implementation
The comfortable air environment is very popular with patients. With the 5-year maintenance support plan, we have no worries about the operation.

When we use materials that smells or when we drill teeth during treatments, the odor/dust sensor turns red, and the operation switches to the Strong mode, so we can tell that the air is being purified. The deodorizing effect is especially helpful as there are many patients who do not like the peculiar smell of dental clinics. The large air purifier mounted on the wall naturally enters the patient’s line of vision, so they understand and highly praise our efforts to create a comfortable clinic environment. With Sharp’s “5-year maintenance full support plan,” the units are serviced, so the effect is maintained.

Wall-mounted type air purifiers implemented in all five private consultation rooms

Future prospects
We are promoting the implementation of Plasmacluster to our patients. We are considering the additional installation of the ceiling-installed type.
Considering implementation at other facilities in our group.

We have put the highly familiar Plasmacluster mark in our entranceway to promote the clean air environment, and are planning to announce the implementation through our website as well. We have felt the merits of implementing Plasmacluster, and are considering the additional installation of the ceiling-installed type ion generator.

Residential type humidifying air purifier has been in use in kids’ room

Issued March 2018