Case Study


Kuwana City Hall

Self-service issuance of certificates, such as residence records, with multifunction copier
Realizing efficient counter duties and improving resident services



Purpose of Implementation

Improved efficiency, Reduced costs, Improved service

Implemented product
Digital MFP

MX-3610DS x 7 units
Implemented in April 2018 at the town development base facilities located in the city's seven districts. The units provide new services that replace conventional counter duties.

Kuwana City Hall

Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Located in north Mie Prefecture with a population of approx. 140,000. This commuter town, with booming residential areas, is just 25km from Nagoya City. Kuwana is home to Nagashima Spa Land, Tado Shrine, Rokkaen and Shichiri-no-Watashi, some of Mie Prefecture's leading tourist spots.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

Kuwana City was faced with increasingly diversified resident needs. The functions of our seven district community centers were converted into town development base facilities, and enhanced for our residents. We wanted to realize self-service issuance of various certificates so that the staff could provide more duties closely linked to the community, such as lateral support of community planning activities.

  • Multifunction copier for self-service printing of various certificates, such as the residence records, has improved the efficiency of administrative services.
  • Adopting the same model as that installed in convenience stores has increased recognition of the convenience store certificate issuance service. It has also helped promote the Individual Number Card "My Number Card" system.
  • Service appreciated by residents with lower handling fees than certificates issued at the city counter and the congestion at the city hall counter is reduced.
Background of Implementation
We wanted to convert the functions of our seven district community centers and strengthen our response to the diverse needs of our residents.

The needs of Kuwana City residents have diversified due to a decreasing and aging population. In April 2018, we converted our seven district community centers into town development base facilities. To enable the staff to provide duties closely linked to the community, such as lateral support of community planning activities, we aimed to incorporate self-service issuance of documents, such as residence records. Our city started providing convenience store certificate issuance services from 2017. We wanted to further increase usage and promote the “My Number Card” system.

Narutaka Ito
Mayor, Kuwana City

Reasons for Selection
We wanted to implement the same model as ones introduced to convenience stores. Latest security technology that enables A4 regular paper was also a key point.

We conducted a bid with the condition that the multifunction copier be the same as that used for convenience store certificate issuance services. The Sharp multifunction copier was highly praised for the universal design that allows the touch screen to be set vertically so even older people in wheelchairs can operate it easily. Certificates issued at the city hall counter use dedicated paper, requiring the staff to carefully manage the paper in a locked locker. The model we selected uses advanced printing technology that prevents forgery and tampering while printing on regular A4 paper.

User sets “My Number Card” on multifunction copier to issue a certificate.

Effect after implementation
The convenience of certificate issuance is improved with self-services. Congestion at the city hall counter during busy seasons has been eased.

By implementing the multifunction copier at the town development base facility, we have improved convenience for residents as they can print a copy of their residence records or registration certificate of seal-impression by themselves. The staff can spend more time supporting community planning activities and providing consultations on everyday life. Since the multifunction copier is the same that used for convenience store certificate issuance service, more residents understand and use the self-service convenience store certificate issuance service. Residents appreciate this service as the handling fees for issuing a certificate are cheaper than issuing at the city hall counter, and city hall counters are less congested now.

The panel explains the multifunction copier instructions and promotes the certificate issuance service.

Future prospects
Anticipating an increase in “My Number Card” diffusion rate.
Improve resident services by promoting higher efficiency.

By implementing the multifunction copier, we anticipate that the number of residents using the “My Number Card” system will increase. It is expected that the digitalization of administrative services will further accelerate. We will consider implementing the latest devices as needed so we can improve services for our residents.

The touch screen can be set vertically for easy operation even by people in wheelchairs.

Issued July 2018