Case Study


Social Welfare Corporation Hiroshima Ai-iku Kai Certified Children Center Itsukaichi

Improving nursery school office works with easy-to-use digital multifunction copier
Satisfied with the function of creating an original clear folder


(top right)Reduce printing mistakes with manuscript preview
(bottom right)Easily create original clear folders


Kindergarten / Nursery School

Purpose of Implementation

Improved efficiency, Improved productivity, Improved service

Implemented product
Digital MFP

MX-3650FN x 1 unit (OFISTAR S3610C)
The new copier replaced the office's multifunction copier when the lease was up in June 2017. The unit is used for the nursery school office work, etc.
Retailer: NTT Business Solutions Co., Ltd. Chugoku Branch

Social Welfare Corporation Hiroshima Ai-iku Kai Certified Children Center Itsukaichi Nursery School

Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Opened as a certified nursery school in 1968. Transitioned to certified children center in 2015 to provide appropriate education and childcare for preschool children regardless of their parents' work situation or style. Fosters rich humanities in a warm childcare scene.

This is what we realized.
Challenges before implementation

The time our childcare teachers spend with the children is the most important, and we wanted to improve office work efficiency. Our teachers put a lot of effort and thoughts about the children into “School Newsletter” and other documents handed out to parents, so we wanted a clear, high-quality finish.

  • The high speed printing and simple operations with large icons and preview functions prevent printing mistakes and improve work efficiency.
  • The high color reproduction ensures that the children's photos, etc. are printed clearly in the “School Newsletter”.
  • We can make original clear folders with our school logo and illustrations and use them when distributing documents.
Background of Implementation
Looking to reduce the time teachers spend on office work. We want to print clear photos in the “School Newsletter.”

Our school values quality time spent with each child and wants office work finished as quickly as possible. Our older multifunction copier was slow at printing, and it seemed like time was wasted. The “School Newsletter” and “Class Newsletter” given to parents features photos showing the children’ s faces, so we wanted high-quality printing. “High speed” and “High quality” were the conditions for replacing our multifunction copier.

Social Welfare Corporation Hiroshima Ai-iku Kai
Certified Children Center Itsukaichi Nursery School
Toshimi Tsukiji, Director

Reasons for Selection
Convinced by the high print quality and output speed. The function to create an original clear folder is also attractive.

The retailer suggested the Sharp MFP as a high-quality color MFP. The model we selected was faster than our older model, capable of printing 36 sheets/minute. We were convinced that we could speed up the preparation of meeting materials and output of accounting ledgers, etc. The copier supports a variety of paper types, it is also attractive to be able to create an original clear folder designed on a personal computer.

Convenient functions such as the large, easy-to-operate icons and the flickering reception lamp (shown with arrow) are popular with teachers.

Effect after implementation
Teachers are satisfied with the variety of easy-to-use functions.

After our copier was replaced, printing work became more efficient, giving teachers more time to spend with the children. We received various comments: (1) The photos of the children in the “School Newsletter” and “Class Newsletter” are clear. (2) The large icons can be used intuitively and easily, even by people who are not good at machines. (3) Teachers are happy with the functions such as the print preview to prevent printing errors and fax reception lamp. (4) The compact body fits in limited spaces. (5) We can create clear folders with the school’ s logo and illustrations and it was useful for distribution at employment fairs.
These comments make us happy that we selected this model.

Monthly “School Newsletter” and “Class Newsletter” are printed clearly.

Future prospects
It will also be used for printing on magnetic sheets, waterproof paper, and various posters for nursery schools.

The copier supports various paper types, including clear folders and magnetic sheets, so we can print posters, etc. for the school. We can also print on water-resistant Eco Crystal paper, so there’ s no need to laminate. We hope to use the multifunction copier to prepare various printed matters for use at outside events such as sports day.

Original clear folders are popular for distributing various information.

Issued September 2017