CES 2020


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First Exhibit in the U.S.A.First Exhibit in the U.S.A.

90" See-Through Display (LCD Screen + Projection type)

See through Display used in combination with a projector

- Display capable to switch between transparent and white screen mode -

  • Realizing AR by overlaying the displayed contents onto the real objects
  • Combination of high display quality projector with a high transmissive LCD screen
  • High transparency allows wide-range of applications such as windows, partitions, and show-cases
First Exhibit in the U.S.A.First Exhibit in the U.S.A.

80" See-Through Display (Projection type)

See through Display with projector

*Joint Exhibition with DNP

  • Realizing AR by overlaying the displayed contents onto the real objects
  • The simple structure of laminating an optical sheet on a transparent board
  • The simple structure allows its application to various places such as showrooms and event halls
First ExhibitFirst Exhibit

31.5" Reflective Display

Low power reflective full color display using ambient light

  • High outdoor visibility using ambient light reflection
  • Thin, lightweight and low-power without a backlight
  • Large screen, full color image and low power consumption (low frequency driving) unique to Sharp IGZO technology

90" See-Through Display (Non-projection type)

Achieving both transparent state & full color imagewith LCD (Non-Projection)

  • Realizing AR by overlaying the displayed contents onto the real objects
  • Achieving a Large-sized full color See-Through Display without a projector
  • Capable of utilizing it as a large show window
First Exhibit in the U.S.A.First Exhibit in the U.S.A.

30" Flexible OLED (Rollabledisplay)

Flexible OLED Display without color filterusing 30” film type substrate

*Joint Development with NHK

  • 30"High Resolution 4K OLED Display
  • High luminous efficiency and low power consumption thanks to the color filter-less structure and the RGB light emission method
  • High portability realized by thin, lightweight, and rollable(R=20mm) features

31.5"8K HDR Monitor

Stimulate creativity by 8K color management monitor

「8K」+「HDR」world's highest image quality

  • Ultra high-resolution 8K (31.5"280dpi)
    Ultra high-resolution 8K display by IGZO presents a superb reality images beyond the perceptions of human eyes.
  • Wide color, 8K High Dynamic Range(HDR)
    High Dynamic Range (HDR) system enables to show any scenes of the contents with high quality image.
  • Hybrid correction of color and brightness
    SHARP Advanced UCCT (Uniform Color Calibration Technology) corrects the color and brightness within a monitor.

Windows Collaboration Display PN-CD701

Make your office smarter

  • Always smarter meeting
    • PN-CD701 has got Microsoft’s Windows Collaboration Display cert. It is the Best device for using Office365 collaboration tools.
    • USB Type-C connector provides high-speed, high-bandwidth data transfer for multiple functions*
    • Sharp SynappxWorkSpaces:
      provides clear, visual information to enable more efficient room booking and utilization and create comfortable meeting and training room environments for more productive collaboration and learning, while also improving overall facilities management.
  • A more natural approach
    • 70 inch sized 4K screen with PCAP touch panel and special passive pen provides “Pen-on-paper”handwriting experience.
  • Look and work smarter
    • Stylish design:Enable easy and quick control by using the on screen display
    • Effortless device sharing: built-in wireless casting works with Windows and Android ™
  • 4K Video, Network and application data and power for attached mobile devices.