NAB Show 2018

8K Technology

Sharp is changing the world through 8K.

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Sharp is changing the world through 8K.
The advent of 8K brings new discoveries and emotions.
And new value for society.


In broadcasting and imaging, it brings a level of realism that’s indistinguishable from the real thing.
It’s like you’re really there.
8K ultra-high-definition television brings unprecedented reality.


In medicine, surgery can be safer when surgeons can see everything in ultra high definition.
If there’s a medical facility that doesn’t have a particular on-site specialist, the doctors can get remote guidance even during surgery.


For security applications, 8K can detect and prevent the smallest risks, even from a distance.
With just a few cameras, 8K can cover a wide area and prevent crime through facial recognition and traffic analysis.


When it comes to inspection and maintenance, 8K reveals defects not visible to the human eye, thereby improving product quality.
Being able to detect the tiniest faults on railways and bridges improves transportation safety.

Sharp is firmly focused on 8K,
a technology with incredible promise.
Displays, content libraries, 8K transmission infrastructure,
shooting and editing equipment...
These are just some of the things for which
Sharp is developing 8K applications.
This is how Sharp is changing lifestyles
and society through its 8K Ecosystem.

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