SHARP Vision Systems

Machine Vision Software <IV-S70 Series>

IV-S70 Series

Build an advanced
image inspection system

A new style of providing software
that has inherited the system
of the IV-S300 series

*The above image is for illustrative purposes only

Machine Vision Software <IV-S70 Series>

Build a Vision Systems at Low Cost

Just mount to a commercially available* PC and connect the USB camera to build an advanced image inspection and measurement system easily and at low cost

  • * Commercially available: Please check the catalog specifications for the PCs and cameras.

Common Vision Systems App

Common application for inspection and measurement, such as "SF Search III" position detection algorithm, as well as gray search, binarization, and filtering process.

Lineup of Three Products to Suit Your Needs

Three packages "Basic", "Expanded", "Full" are containing different number of image processing module, and contents.

  • Equipped with the basic functions
    (e.g. grey search, binarization and various filters)
    Basic Package IV-S70J
  • Equipped with SF Search III for
    wide support including color inspections and defect inspections
    Expanded Package IV-S71J
  • Inherits all the IV-S300M apps including OCV
    Full Package IV-S72J
  • * No technical service for this software is available.
    Please make sure that this free version works correctly before purchase.

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