SHARP Vision Systems

Information on Discontinued/Successor Models

Former Series (Halogen Lamps)

Discontinued models Recommended
replacement model
Item Model Discontinued
Halogen lighting equipment IV-2A0101 June 2005 MHF-H50LR*
IV-2A0102 April 2002 MHF-D100LR*
IV-2A0103 April 2000 MHF-150L*
Halogen lamp IV-2A0201 LM-50*
IV-2A0202 February 2006 LM-100*
IV-2A0203 April 2000 LM-150*
IV-2A0204 LM-150C*
Ring light guide IV-2A0301 June 2000 MRG31-1500S*
IV-2A0302 October 2001 MRG48-1500S*
Straight light guide IV-2A0401 April 2001 MSG4-1100S*
Plane illumination light guide IV-2A0701 April 2002 MPP60-1500S*
Quartz adapter IV-2A0901 KA-03*

* The products listed above are all made by Moritex Corporation (
For inquiries or other information on products and maintenance, please contact Moritex Corporation.

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