SHARP Vision Systems

Information on Discontinued/Successor Models

Former Series (IV-S30 Series)

Discontinued models Recommended
replacement model
Item Model Discontinued
Controller IV-S31M October 2014 *1
IV-S33M April 2016
Controller (Color) IV-C35M October 2014
Image Positioning Controller IV-A33M2
Camera converter IV-S30EA1
Camera (Micro camera) IV-S30C2 June 2010
Camera (Micro high-speed camera) IV-S30C4
Camera (Color) IV-C30C5 October 2014
Camera (Standard camera) IV-S30C1 April 2016
Camera (High-speed camera) IV-S30C3
Camera conversion cable IV-S30HC June 2010 *2
Camera cable (3m) IV-S30KC3 April 2016 *1
Camera cable (5m) IV-S30KC5
Camera cable (7m) IV-S30KC7
Remote keypad IV-S30RK1
Parameter Setting Support Software IV-S30SP October 2014 *2
Image Processing Library IV-S30LB1

*1 There are no perfect alternative models in regards to the function and the outer shape. We offer choices from upper models or others. Please contact us at customer support center.

*2 We have no recommended replacement models.

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