SHARP Vision Systems

Information on Discontinued/Successor Models

Former Series (Lenses)

Discontinued models Recommended
replacement model
Item Model Discontinued
CCTV lens IV-1A0107 January 2004 ML-7527*
IV-1A0103 October 2014 ---
Tele-centric lens IV-1A0301 March 2002 MLL1-65D*
IV-1A0302 June 2001 MLL2-65D*
CCTV lens IV-1A1101 June 2010 ML-17-07516*
IV-1A1102 March 2002 ML-17-1520*
IV-1A1103 June 2010 ML-17-2431*
Tele-centric lens IV-1A1301 June 2000 MML1-65D-CM1*
IV-1A1302 MML2-65D-CM1*

* The products listed above are all made by Moritex Corporation (
For inquiries or other information on products and maintenance, please contact Moritex Corporation.

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