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World Topics

Enables 3D Images Without the Need for Special Glasses
Sharp Presents 3D Touchscreen LCD, Switchable Between 2D and 3D Modes

On April 2, 2010, Sharp held a press conference in Tokyo to present its new 3D touchscreen LCD technology.

Sharp has developed a 3D touchscreen LCD featuring the industry's highest brightness*1 that can switch between 2D and 3D modes. Users can view 3D images without the need to wear special glasses.

A scene from the press conference

A scene from the press conference

This 3D LCD significantly improves image quality by achieving both high brightness and low crosstalk*2 thanks to advances in CG-Silicon technology*3 and optimization of the parallax barrier. Advances in CG-Silicon technology have doubled the brightness (to 500 cd/m2, the industry's highest) compared to the conventional model*4.

Also, the thickness of the LCD module is about the same as conventional 2D displays even though it is a touchscreen display. As 3D images can be displayed in both portrait and landscape screen orientations, it is ideal for sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones.

Yoshisuke Hasegawa, Executive Managing Officer and General Manager of the Liquid Crystal Display Business, explains the 3D touchscreen LCD technology

3D touchscreen LCD

See images in 3D while taking a video

The display shows 3D images in portrait or landscape orientation

  • *1 As of April 2, 2010, for 3D LCD modules for mass-produced mobile devices.
  • *2 Double images created by overlapping of left and right images.
  • *3 CG-Silicon technology is an LCD process technology that uses high-performance, crystalline silicon with electron mobility up to 600 times faster than ordinary amorphous silicon and up to six times faster than low-temperature polysilicon. Developed jointly by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd. (head office: Atsugi-shi, Kanagawa, Japan; Shunpei Yamazaki, President).
  • *4 LCD that Sharp began mass-producing in June 2003.

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