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World Topics

Sharp Announces its Development Plans for New Business Areas

On June 10, 2013, Sharp held a conference toward the press to explain our development in new business areas.

A scene from the announcement Shigeaki Mizushima, Chief Technology Officer; Division General Manager, New Business Development Division

Shigeaki Mizushima, Chief Technology Officer; Division General Manager, New Business Development Division, explained about the 5 new business areas of "Healthcare / Medical Services," "Robotics engineering," "Smart Home / Mobility," "Safety and Security of Food / Water / Air," and "Education", and also creating "Innovative Products," with the strength of Sharp's features in manufacturing.

For "Healthcare / Medical Services," business supporting intial diagnosis utilizing high level sensing technology, and healthcare utilizing smartphones and tablet devices will be targeted.

For "Robotics engineering," commercializing of cleaning robots and care / welfare robots utiziling Sharp's core technology is targeted

For "Smart Home / Mobility," by setting up a network between home appliances, this will contribute to optimum energy control, as well as realizing a safe, secure and comfortable lifestyle.

For "Safety and Security of Food / Water / Air," Sharp's featured technology in plant factories and environment sensors etc. will be utilized to promote a safe and secure life environment.

For "Education," based on the education solution of being installed in over 8,000 schools in total, various businesses will be developed to provide an educational circumstance where children can learn proactively.

Also, for "Innovative Products," Sharp will develop a "fit strategy" to create attractive products that meet the customers' lifestyle and needs, and enforce its brand value to contribute to the explansion of business.

With our featured mounting technology of LCDs and semiconductors etc., Sharp will aggressively promote alliances in these areas with various partners in order to expand sales routes and create synergy in technologies.

Also by promoting such new businesses, Sharp aims to innovate its existing business areas, and recover its identity in manufacturing.

Major Exhibits
1. Healthcare

Early business startup of healthcare equipments utilizing cloud technology, centering around high-level sensing technology, will be targeted.
"Initial diagnosis / healthcare" and "Physical and chemical science area" are targeted where Sharp's featured existing technologies can be applied.

Protein Analysis Device

Initial Diagnosis Medicare Business

2. Robotics Engineering

Utilizing existing core technologies, featured products will be created for service appliance robots, which market is expected to largely grow.

Cleaning robot for business use

3. Smart Home / Mobility

A "smart home" will be realized by "connecting" home appliances to make people's lives more convenient and comfortable.

Cloud observing system

4. Safety and Security of Food / Water / Air

A safe and secure living environment will be proposed through our core technologies for plant factories and environmental sensors etc.

Plant factory

Microorganism sensor

5. Education

By combining long experience in educational solutions with connecting systems of information displays and tablet devices, a proactive education environment will be provided.

Sharp's education solution development

Handwriting recognition

6. Innovative Products

Attractive products that thrill the customers will be created to build up our brand value and expand our business.

Smart Mirror

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