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Sharp History

2000 : Mobile Phone Share Increased

Worldwide Copier Production Exceeds 10 Million

Having provided many world-first and industry-first copiers since entering the market in January 1972 with a wet-type electrostatic copier (SF-201), Sharp's total worldwide copier production reached 10 million in April 2000. Sharp became the second copier manufacturer to make this outstanding achievement.

Joint Sales Company Established in India for Information Equipment

In May, Sharp Business Systems (India) Private Limited (SBI) was founded in New Delhi as a joint business with Larsen & Toubro Limited for marketing of information products. SBI imports and markets products such as copiers and PCs in the Indian market and provides after-sales support for these products.

High-Definition UHA TFT LCDs Introduced

In July, Sharp announced the development of a high-definition TFT LCD* that has the ability to faithfully display objects in fine detail. Sharp's original UHA (ultra high aperture) technology enables ultra high definition that is difficult to achieve with conventional CRT monitors. The new LCD can be used in a wide range of fields, including digital broadcast-compatible LCD TVs and displays for highly intricate medical applications. Mass production started at the Mie No. 2 Plant in August.

  • * UHA TFT LCDs utilize Sharp's ultra high aperture technology to attain high brightness and low power consumption while maintaining high definition.

Launching of 1-Bit Digital Audio Systems

Sharp released 1-bit digital audio systems in November. These products feature next-generation 1-bit digital amps that sample audio at an ultra high speed of 2.8 MHz. Critically acclaimed in the high-end audio field, 1-bit amps reproduce high-quality sound that surpasses former audio standards. Plus, they are energy-efficient and have thinner profiles.

More Entertainment Options Presented with MI-E1 Zaurus PDA

The MI-E1 Zaurus PDA was introduced in November with new versions of video playback and e-mail applications. Sales began in December.

Supporting both SD memory cards and CompactFlash memory cards, the MI-E1 offers more options for on-the-go video and music entertainment. A sliding keyboard and PHS-type data card make e-mail communication simple and easy.

World's First Plasmacluster Ion Technology Eliminates Airborne Mold Fungi

Sharp successfully developed the world's first Plasmacluster ion air purification technology -- a technology that emits large quantities of positive and negative ions into the air through plasma discharge to eliminate airborne mold fungi, deodorize room odors, and deactivate harmful substances.

Plasmacluster ion technology is being used in air purifiers, air conditioners, refrigerators, humidifiers and heaters, and has received positive consumer reaction, affirming it as a technology that promotes a cleaner and healthier lifestyle.

New Firsts in the Mobile Phone Market

Sharp has made a huge impact on the market with its mobile phones, developed using its one-of-a-kind technologies. The J-SH04 was the industry's first mobile phone to feature an integrated 110,000-pixel CMOS image sensor for taking digital photos. It was followed by the industry's first application of a 65,536-color semi-transmissive TFT LCD on a flip type phone (J-SH05). Both models were supplied to J-Phone Co. Ltd., and raised Sharp's presence in the mobile phone market.

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